"White Pollution" issued a warning

Like many people, I know that a one-time product is a waste of resources and a negative impact on the environment, but it is difficult to reject its convenient temptation. For instance, when I go to the store to buy something, I will take the initiative to tell the waiter that I will give me less plastic bags. I will also try to put what I have bought into a plastic bag. However, it is very difficult for me to say goodbye to disposable plastic bags because It is so convenient.
Therefore, I greatly admire environmentalists like Mr. Leung. It is said that Mr. Liang took out his own meals with chopsticks, and he refused to use disposable chopsticks. In my opinion, it is truly remarkable that we can conscientiously restrain ourselves in such a sense and a sense of responsibility.
For the convenience and comfort of life, mankind has had many remarkable inventions. Plastic bags are one of them. However, this invention also made humans bear their own fruit. “White pollution” is the biggest bitter fruit. Disposable plastic bags that bring great convenience to people's daily lives are polluting the living environment for us and our children and grandchildren. I have seen such a cartoon in an environmental book. One person from the plane looked at the earth and exclaimed: "The earth has become black and white!" This is not alarmist.
In recent years, people's lives are changing from subsistence to well-off, and the use of one-off goods has increased substantially. This has led to a sudden increase in waste, especially plastic waste. Some experts pointed out that, regardless of the type of disposable consumer goods, the waste, if not properly recycled, will cause pollution to the cityscape and the ecological environment. Plastic bags “bow” on trees, which has now become one of the many urban and rural landscapes in China. What many people do not know is that there is more "white trash" buried in the ground and will be "held" for a hundred years.
The prevention of "white pollution" can never be delayed. This is a warning issued by reality. Some experts believe that prevention and control of "white pollution" can be adopted for recycling, recycling, and other methods. However, to implement it in detail, relevant laws and regulations must be formulated. Market and cityscape management must be strengthened. Policies must be encouraged and supported to promote the development of environmental protection companies. Citizens should be made aware of environmental protection and restrict their behavior. Take plastic bags and plastic lunch boxes as an example. If everyone can use them sparingly or repeatedly and dispose of them according to regulations, they can achieve reduction and recycling. However, when many people still lack such awareness, it is absolutely necessary to supplement them with economic means to restrict their use. Production, business units and individuals have no sense of responsibility, no corresponding pay, no pressure for recovery, use, and disposal. This is an important reason for the rapid spread of "white pollution." In this regard, effective measures must be taken.

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