New transformer material successfully developed in Japan

Japan has successfully developed a new iron-bismuth-boron alloy material for transformers. Its power loss is only one-tenth that of existing materials.
According to overseas media reports, Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry has implemented a four-year plan since 1998 and entrusted the “Next-Generation Metals and Composites Research and Development Association” to develop materials for transformers that reduce power loss. The Institute originally used the Fe-Fe-B-Zr alloy, but in the experiment it was discovered that this alloy has the disadvantages of oxidation and inflexible processing. The researchers later removed the magnetic zirconium and eventually developed an alloy that uses only three metals, iron-antimony-boron, which has a power loss that is less than nine-tenths that of silicon steel.
According to reports, the use of this new alloy for the manufacture of transformers can not only greatly reduce power losses, but also save material costs and simplify the manufacturing process. Measurements show that transformers made with this new material will also reduce the greenhouse effect caused by power losses and benefit the environment.

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