"Green Pipe" shines

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, “health” and “security” have become the two most important themes of modern people. Therefore, plastic pipes called green pipes are increasingly concerned by modern urban people who pursue health and lifestyle.

The quality of water for daily life and the safety of water pipes have also become the focus of attention. At present, it is easy to rust, easy to erode, easy to leak, and easy to scale. Once the iron in the galvanized steel pipe reacts with oxygen in the air or water, the inside and outside of the pipe will rust, and breed various microorganisms, polluting the tap water in the pipeline. The bacteria carried in these contaminated tap water are like invisible killers. Always threaten our health. In the past decade or so, some developed countries have successively enacted legislation or established industry regulations prohibiting the use of galvanized steel pipes as drinking water transfer pipes, and proposed that full use of plastic pipes as the main body should not cause rust, corrosion, leakage or scaling. The quality of green tubing.

At present, with the gradual increase in the use of new plastic pipes, and constantly understanding its good performance, the popularity of this type of product is greatly increased. In China, the water supply and drainage pipes mainly made of polyethylene pipes (PE), polypropylene pipes (PP), polybutylene pipes (PB), and aluminum-plastic composite pipes (PAP) have been rapidly developed in recent years. After the ban on galvanized steel pipes in construction water supply pipes in various regions, the sales volume has increased rapidly. This has laid a solid foundation for further maintaining the health of the “blood veins” in the home.

During installation of plastic pipe, note the following:

Hydrostatic test: New plastic pipe, due to its light weight, bendable, easy pipe connection, easy to cut, so often installed by non-professional workers, but often only after the installation of water testing, rarely carry out hydrostatic testing, once the city Water supply network pressure fluctuations, it is easy to cause leakage. Nowadays, many house decorators often choose to install concealed pipes, but concealed pipes are more vulnerable to hidden pressure if they are not subjected to hydrostatic pressure tests. Leakage requires the destruction of the wall surface to repair.

Expansion compensation: The expansion coefficient of the new plastic pipe is larger than that of the steel pipe. When it is used to transport hot water, it is necessary to pay attention to expansion and expansion and make a sufficient degree of compensation. The engineering user often considers when designing drawings, and it is not easy to cause problems. However, users of room decoration often have hot water pipes that cause water leakage due to expansion.

Antifreeze measures: Water supply pipelines are insulated and protected. They are well-received and highly valued in the northern regions of China. At present, most of the freezing and leakage phenomena occur in the provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang in eastern China. These areas are non-heating areas in winter. Generally, it does not freeze, but if it hits a frozen joint once in a decade, it is often because of missing insulation measures to freeze the water pipes.

Supporting use: At present, because some of the product standards of related industries are being prepared and not yet published, there have been some inconsistencies in the quality standards of some products. In particular, the quality of accessories for new types of plastic pipe fittings (pipe fittings, valves, etc.) has become more and more uneven. It will lead to water leakage and water seepage accidents. Therefore, the developers and owners are reminded to purchase pipes and fittings of the same brand during construction.

In addition, the phenomenon of water leakage due to improper use of users also occurs from time to time. For example, indoor surface-mounted water supply pipes may cause damage to pipes due to collision or fastening of pipe clamps; indoor concealed water supply pipes may cause pipes to leak due to nailing. Leakage caused by improper use of users should be avoided and avoided. First, the government's competent authority strengthens the management of the market and the formulation of technical standards and specifications, and strengthens publicity. Second, the manufacturer explains the environment in detail in the product instructions. And precautions, etc.

According to the forecast of relevant departments of the Ministry of Construction, by 2015, 85% of the drainage pipes in the new residential buildings in China will use plastic pipes, basically eliminating the traditional cast iron pipes, and 85% of building water supply pipes, hot water supply and heating pipes will be plastic pipes. The urban water supply pipeline basically eliminates galvanized steel pipes, 80% of which is less than 400mm in diameter uses plastic pipes, and 90% of village and town water supply pipes use plastic pipes.

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