Ways to Solve Miscellaneous Printing and Unloading in Offset Printing Production

In the offset printing production process, there is often a phenomenon that the printed materials are not delivered together. In the long term, there will be adverse effects on offset printing equipment and the quality of printed products. In actual printing, the common manifestations of print misplacement are as follows:

1. Paper drop

Falling paper at the delivery location. Withdrawing the dropped paper and comparing it with normal printed matter, if it is found that its mouthwash is smaller than that of a normal print, it means that the paper dropout phenomenon is caused by the failure of the paper feed. Lifting the side gauge and trying to print off the paper will indicate that the paper drop is caused by improper adjustment of the side scale.

2. There is a gap in the print

Adjusting the front gauge will reduce the amount of paper that is fed to the paper feed. If the break disappears at this time, it is caused by excessive paper feed. If the break still exists, let the tooth angle of the functional units of the transfer system exceed 45 degrees so that the outermost end is at the same horizontal line. If the break disappears at this time, it means that the open angle of the cavities is too small or Caused by too long teeth. If the breakage has not disappeared, the distance between the two functional units of the paper transfer system before and after the paper is handed over should be checked to ensure that the distance between the tooth pads can be maintained at about 20 to 30 lines to solve the phenomenon of mouth fracture.

3. Print repulsion

Repellent prints, paper floating, and can not be restored in time. At this point you should check the volume of water supply and the size of the sound when the paper is imprinted and separated. The small amount of water supply and large transfer pressure will increase the static electricity of the printed matter and cause the above phenomenon.

4. The front sheet at the delivery position is knocked out by the subsequent chain

This is caused by the suction hood sucking the paper unevenly. At this time, we should check the size of the gap between the suction wheel and the suction volume below it, the size of the suction volume and the wear condition of the outer ring of the suction hood.

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