Single-layer beer bottle with PET resin processing technology

The PolyShield PET resin from KoSa Corporation was mixed with MXD6 nylon 6 from MitsubishiGas Chemical Company, USA when it was blow-molded. Nylon 6 resin improves oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier properties. It is said that due to the improvement of the transparency of the material, the size of the nylon barrier layer is reduced by a factor of 10, and in the standard PET barrier layer, there is only 15 μm. PolyShield PET resin contains a compatible agent to reduce bottle haze and improve the dyeability of nylon/PET blends. The single-layer beer bottle processed and molded with the PolyShield PET resin monitor has improved oxygen barrier performance by 86% and carbon dioxide barrier by 38%.

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