Printing Industry: Breaking the Last Fortress of Screen Printing

Five years ago, silk screen printing was still a safe haven. The inkjet printing industry was experiencing difficult development and it never seemed to play a leading role. It is believed that screen printers who focus on industrial implementation will not lose the market by using strong technology fortress to compete with digital printing. This is an impeccable bastion for the producers and manufacturers of the wire mesh industry.

Today, inkjet printing is already evident in the printing industry, and it plays a leading role in the entire industrial market. The inkjet industry is applied to the printing industry in two ways - planning and accidental. This kind of accidental or unplanned application is mainly platform printing, and most of the platform printing uses UV ink. Platform Printing In terms of market share, the leading four manufacturers are in order: Zund, Durst, Inca and Vutek. Other vendors in this market include Scitex Vision, Nur, 3M/Legge-tt & PIatt, Tampoprint, and companies in China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Although most of the early stage printers were designed for large-format printing on rigid media, Zund recently produced inkjet printers that can be used to print home decorations and doors. No one understands the flexibility of screen printing. It should come as no surprise that this particular use should be said.

Another way of injecting ink into the industry may be more noticeable. Many manufacturers and companies around the world are beginning to re-evaluate and develop such multi-field inkjet printing. It is used in electronics, packaging, product decoration and Biological product manufacturing and so on. The industrial application of inkjet technology is as follows.

*3D Models *Adhesive Printing *Antenna Fabrication *Friction Resistant Coating Printing *Music Score and Container Marking *Biological Cell Classification *Biochemical and Biological Agent Category *Capacitor Production *Ceramics Printing *CTP Imaging *Floor Surface Decoration and Printing * Metal surface decoration * E-mail system * Glass decoration * High-precision welding * Quantum chemistry * PCB legend printing * Plastic transistor * Car surface embossed image printing * RGB display platform manufacturing

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