The aesthetic and practicality of the nozzle

Effective nozzles must strike a balance between aesthetics and utility. The main function of the nozzle is to effectively and conveniently deliver a certain volume of product. Not only that, the last spray of the nozzle must be as good as the first, leaving only a small amount of product in the bottle.

Manufacturers, especially the highly competitive food and personal care industry, spend a great deal of time and money searching for the right nozzle packaging for their products. A beautiful appearance is a prerequisite for successful packaging, and practicality is the life of the packaging. Therefore, the nozzle design of any product must be balanced in terms of practicality and appearance.

After Coster Aerosol officially launched the shower gel package designed for the Imperial Leather shower head, similar products on the market have been completely redefined. Prior to this, most of the shower gel was hung on the sprinkler head with a "hard plug" plastic container with a hook.

"The use of novel packaging will allow people to re-estimate familiar products," said Nick Verbelyi, general manager of Design Bridge Structure. "The meaning of the packaging type and the association's intuition have played a decisive role for the customer. The change of the appearance packaging has completely affected their understanding of the same product and considered it as a completely different new product."

"If the function of packaging has passed our rigorous assessment, it can unknowingly become the reason for customers to choose a product. In some cases, packaging provides so many advantages that it fundamentally changed the consumer's The decision is that spray cans are an excellent example, it renewed our traditional beliefs, and created a new approach to product and brand development."
The in-line treatment and aesthetic appearance was the main reason that paint manufacturer Kalon Decorative Products chose the Guala TS1 spray cans for their sugar soap and fungal tanks in their Mangers range.

This spray can uses a red wrench for the Nupac 500ml PET bottle. As the second launch of the Mangers family of household items, this design conveys a more advanced spray can image. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also brings a lot of convenience to the user. It is also very convenient in the filling and packing process.

It can be turned off with a single click, at a reasonable cost. Unlike Kalon's past rotary wrenches, this new wrench is sealed online and is also suitable for on-line labeling, which can increase the overall production speed, and less The trouble of buying a labeled bottle.

The Guala TS1 spray can also provided the company with a pre-compression treatment mode. The user can save a lot of trouble in ensuring the effectiveness of the product and preventing the penetration of the contents.

Guala collaborates with Kalon to ensure the compatibility of spray cans' wrenches and products. The aesthetic appearance, ease of use and practicality are key factors in Guala spray can products, which are provided for the two main Wessex garden products. Both products are packaged in bright red bottles provided by Sabotdastle. The 1 liter capacity is very distinct from the 500 ml or 750 ml products. The curved lines on Guala's spray tank mouth cleverly set off the bottle body, and the red wrench of the same color enhances the attractiveness and overall image of the product on the shelf.

Guala provides all customers with the convenience of being a pioneer in the pre-compression system. The end user can save a lot of operations. The spray can structure is firm, the product is reliable and there is no leakage. "This spray can caters to the convenience requirements of customers in the market," said Steve Chalk, Purchasing Manager at Wessex.

"We have some products that are in crystalline form, users can use diluted water, but now more customers prefer ready-made products. New packaging to meet this demand, spray cans packaging is suitable for packaging ready-made products, wrenches are also very practical It is convenient and safe to use."

One of the challenges Englass faces is how to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality. "We had to harmonize the practicality and aesthetics of our nozzle design." Mark Markin, the company's sales director, said, "In fact, unsatisfactory packaged products do not have very good sales performance, and nozzles are not very good for packaging. same."

To meet different market needs and product applications, Englass announced that it will provide the widest selection of standard pump and nozzle products. Such round products are more suitable for the packaging of personal care products. The user-friendly quality ensures the ease of use, precision of dosage and anti-counterfeiting function of product safety.

However, Englass never sells finished products directly. Most of the designs match the needs and characteristics of the customers. In terms of aesthetics, they offer nozzles of different colors, as well as nozzles that have been specially treated by metallization or the brand of printing products on the nozzles.

Not only that, their custom nozzles are designed for naturally ejectable contents. For more than three decades, Englass has produced and sold a large number of nozzles for personal care products. With a wide range of colors, Engas nozzles are easily pressurised to cover personal care products, toilets and even 0.1 ml to 1 ml of pharmaceutical products.

The fixed nozzle is designed to accurately spray the product where it needs to be sprayed. The size of the nozzle pump is 2 to 7.5 milliliters, which is also suitable for highly viscous contents such as emulsions or colloids.

Martin also said: "In the future, the company's development focus will be on the accuracy of the nozzle, rotation, anti-counterfeiting and prevent children from touching these aspects."

Quantitative accuracy and ease of use are critical, but choosing the right nozzle material is also important. For certain chemical contents, the nature of the nozzle may not be compatible with it, resulting in corrosion and deterioration.

The company has developed an FND30 nozzle pump for D-Limonolem that withstands high temperatures, resists corrosion of hydrocarbons and can be repeatedly cleaned in industrial washing machines.

"For most brands, products and packaging cannot be separated." Martin said, "These two factors promote each other, and none of them can exist separately from the other. The nozzle may be the most important part of the package if The appearance of this part is unattractive, and the customer's purchase intention will be dispelled. Our role in the success of packaging is indispensable, and it is not just to give the packaging an attractive appearance."

Zeller Plastik, headquartered in Italy, developed a unique two-color nozzle stopper for Guaber's massage fragrance. The cork has a concave-convex surface, a translucent polypropylene material, and a glossy Zelsnap polypropylene nozzle. The uneven surface is ideal for the outline of the bottle and contrasts with the bottle PET material and the shiny nozzle opening.

Seaquist Closures introduced SimpliTwist's automatic sealing, vacuum tube nozzle equipment, and nozzle products designed for extrudable hoses. This nozzle protects the product from leaks and spillage. Even when the lid is open, the contents do not leak out. This is especially suitable for personal care products such as body washes and lotions.

When the lid is closed, the small gasket in the lid seals the nozzle and becomes the second sealing system. If you turn the lid a quarter of a turn counterclockwise, the small washer will move away from the nozzle, and when the hose is restored to its original shape, the small gasket will seal the nozzle, if the user accidentally squeezed to the hose do not have to worry about A small gasket can protect the product.

Many shoppers are still looking for aerosol products that do not contain HCFCs, but they do not have to be so. In the United Kingdom since 1989, aerosol cans are not included in HFC labels. In the late 1980s scientists determined the possible effects of HCFCs and their ozone depletion.

"Spray cans have a long time in the UK," said SUE Rogers, director of BAMA. From 1949 to today, the spray can exhibition organized by the Robert Opie Collection vividly demonstrated the great progress made in the production and sale of spray cans for half a century. "This year's anniversary coincides with the 10th anniversary of voluntary HCFC label removal in the industry. The removal of HCFCs marks a turning point in the unprecedented progress of the entire industry. This day has become a double major celebration. Our current export volume is total output. At 60%, the major exporting countries are other members of the European Union. Environmental protection and safety awareness are always the focus of our awareness agenda."

Airspray recently introduced the latest foam cans to the market. The nozzles of this product combine the characteristics of large volume and elegant design, suitable for use in washbasins, bathrooms and beauty salons. Built on the success of finger pump foam tanks and mini foam tanks, this new Airspray series is a premium foam tank product without the addition of any chemical element. Nozzle technology and special foam design are very attractive to ordinary users and professional skin care marketers.

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