Japan developed a new bottle of metal cans

Recently, Daiwa Corporation of Japan has developed a new food and beverage package, namely a new bottle type metal can. The so-called new bottle type metal cans are made of a single aluminum alloy material, using three pieces of metal can's composite technology, crimping technology and two-piece cans of deep-drawing molding technology to form the can body; on the surface of the material, that is, the inner layer of the can body. Both the outer surface and the outer surface are coated with a composite PET film material; the inner surface of the bottom cover is also coated with a composite PET film, and the outer surface is coated with PET; the bottle cap is coated with a low density PET, and the outer surface is coated with ErJ,J Painting. In this way, the inner layer of the new bottle type metal can avoids contact with the contents, and does not need to use various paints traditionally used in metal cans. One of the major features of the new bottle-shaped metal cans is the advantages of a narrow-bottled bottle-type drinking port (with threaded thread, which can be equipped with a screw cap), a resealable, easy-to-drink PET bottle, and metal cans with oxygen resistance. , barrier properties, good protection from light. Its structural design has three characteristics: the new drinking mouth is very attractive in the market, easy to drink, no need to pay attention when drinking. The new bottle type metal can also has advantages in contents and environmental protection. Since the metal is the main material, the barrier property and the preservation property are excellent; the recycling of the aluminum alloy is good: the inner surface of the container is coated with a PET film, and there is no bisphenol The problem of environmental hormones: As the PET film is compounded in the inner and outer layers of the can body, waste water and liquid waste are not generated during canning, and the environmental protection is good. In addition, its 500 ml tank weighs only about 60% of the heat-resistant PET. The new bottle type metal cans are divided into three sizes: 500 ml, 450 ml and 350 ml. The metal cans can be used for hot nitrogen-filled products such as beer and carbonated positive-pressure beverages, tea, sports drinks, and fruit juices, as well as wine packaging. There are currently 450 ml beer products listed.

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