FSM-Folding and cutting ring machine

In the process of making the cover, the anti-theft ring is completed by two auxiliary devices to complete the hemming and cutting operations. In order to save on the production site, Sacmi Company has developed a series of combined machines with a hemming and cutting function, which are combined into one. The two processes of hemming and cutting can be completed during one production step, which reduces the cost and saves space occupation and labor. The speed of the combined machine reaches 2,000 caps/minute, which is suitable for the folding and cutting rings of various caps on the current market, and can handle caps with a maximum diameter of 63 mm.

Source of information: pack.cn

Barnett offers an array of crossbows, perfect for youth and seasoned archers. From carbonlite crossbows, reverse draw, compound, recurve, and youth- there is something for everyone. Barnett also offers slingshots, great for fast and accurate use.

Additional options for some models include adjustable intensity for red dot sight and a built-in cranking system-streamlining load and cock response.

Barnett Crossbow

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