Pixel style and packaging art

Abstract : This paper discusses the background and visual characteristics of the new style of the pixel style, and analyzes and discusses its impact on modern packaging design. The zigzag and matrix features in the pixel style, abstract symbols, and scattered and windy features have a profound influence on the current packaging style, packaging materials and packaging style. Grasping the pulse of this era will help packaging art design. In the digital age, we are constantly seeking new design styles and expression languages.

Keywords: pixel style packaging art digitization

Human society is already in an information age and a globalization era. The ever-changing digital technologies are constantly changing the world, changing our working methods and lifestyles: from paperless office to e-commerce; from online shopping to high-definition television; we are increasingly benefiting from digital technology in many areas. Although described in the book "Digital Survival" by Negroponte more than ten years ago, people are still surprised by what happened. The American future scholar, Toffler, said with emotion: I did not expect digital technology to develop so rapidly in the Third World.

In the field of consumer product packaging, the impact of digital technology development is mainly reflected in three aspects: 1) The impact on traditional packaging technology and packaging production. For example, from the packaging design to the packaging and printing, the digital desktop printing system not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also makes the production of product packaging more exquisite; 2) digital technology gave birth to a new product packaging category - digital product packaging (see Figure 1) . The so-called digital products include computers, digital mobile phones, software and digital video recorders (DVs). These digital consumer products have become important everyday items for people, coupled with their high technological content and high value, such products are in the form of packaging and packaging. Materials and packaging design and other aspects formed its own unique style, and gradually become the mainstream of fashion products; 3) Digital technology has created a new art form - digital art. The appearance and development of digital art has changed people's artistic communication style and aesthetic meaning. This aesthetic meaning is a new aesthetic experience and aesthetic orientation of people in today's digital life. With the popularity of digital products and the influence of digital art, a new packaging art style began to appear. This artistic style is a “pixel graphic style” that embodies the graphic features of computer technology.

The "knowledge of pixel graphics must start with" being. Bits are derived from the basic units in digital computing. They are colorless, intangible, and weightless. They are a state of information. A plurality of bits constitute a pixel, and a pixel can also be understood as a "molecule" constituting a figure, a pixel being a combination of an image and "element, a pixel glaph being a graphic form based on modern digital technology and being a type of digital simulation. The visual characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1) sawtooth and matrix; sawtooth refers to a figure in the set of pixels in the grid to reduce the unit after the display of axe chisel marks, this graphic defect in modern graphic design The teacher’s hands become a kind of deliberate language.Matrix refers to the “mosaic” jigsaw of aFPU in the horizontal or vertical direction of the graphic and text composition. At the same time, it intentionally enlarges the spacing of the graphic and text to form a matrixed state. Many interface designs, such as video games and mobile phones, can often see a lot of square-headed square brains, simple and interesting graphic symbols (see Figure 2.2), abstractions and symbols; digital and vector technologies make computer graphics appear pure in performance. The geometric shape becomes more comfortable and refined.” Abstraction here refers to the use of complex points, lines, polygons and graphic images, which is also “new geometric wind Features and "new technologies aesthetic meaning of specific performance. "Symbol" refers to a pixel symbol, which is an interesting character shape generated by a conscious combination of a keyboard character and some special characters in software. This is a kind of face symbol that has been popular on the grid.

3) Scatter and wind trails; as "the state of the bit can be up, down, clear, and hidden, this makes pixel graphics more advantageous in representing moving pictures. The so-called "scattering" refers to the use of this movement process. The static form. The world-famous film “The Matrix” is a momentary image composed of numerous blocks of fonts (see Figure 4). This visual style, which embodies the wonderful world of the digital world, has already affected many design fields. “Wind trail” is a popular trajectory, which is also a kind of dynamic picture. The sense of speed and flow of wind trails has a strong fashion of the times and is widely prevalent in graphic design and packaging design (see Figure 5).

The packaging art design of consumer goods has an irreplaceable communication function between products and people. New consumption concepts and new aesthetic tastes will be reflected in packaging art to varying degrees. The emergence of pixel graphics has brought a new visual experience and expression to the modern packaging art. The specific manifestations are as follows:

1) "New geometric style features appear on the graph, and use the sawtooth principle to blur the outline of the image or constitute a "mosaic-like spelling pattern; 2) An exaggerated step-like stair-like EI]BU that is deliberately pursued in the pursuit of serrated image processing. The performance of the so-called "computerized style; 3) Influenced by the arraying and abstraction of pixel patterns on the screen composition, presenting new rational composition features such as straight lines, horizontal lines, arc lines or sequenced screens, and a dynamic structure 4) In the application of color, first, the use of colorful and high-brightness color, such as the packaging of some high-definition televisions, computer monitors and other products (see Figure 6). Second, contrary to the performance of colorful, the pursuit of black and white , Gray or monochromatic effect, reflecting a pure sense of technology.The third is the use of layered technology to pursue the effect of color separation or penetration; 5) In the packaging structure and materials, first of all to strengthen the internal structure of the protection function, increase Inner packaging standards, and use of new materials such as non-ferrous foam or environmentally friendly paper shells; secondly, on the outer box packaging, more sophisticated square carton boxes are used to reflect the value of high-tech content.

The influence of pixel graphics on the current packaging art design is many and obvious. The analysis and in-depth analysis of these influencing factors will help designers grasp the pulse of the times, comprehend the spirit of the times, and help modern packaging art design constantly seek new design styles and languages ​​in the digital era.

Author/ Ye Ping Jiangnan University

Source: Packaging Engineering

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