Photoshop & CorelDRAW Business Practice: Candy Packaging Design (5)

(4) Copy "Layer 3" to "Extra Stroke of Layer 3" and set the foreground color to "C: 0, M: 100, Y: 100, K: 76". Load the selection and execute Ctrl+delet. [fill] command to fill the foreground color. Then press B key to switch to [Pen Tool] and fill the gaps between the words of “jumping beans” and the gaps between words. The state and effect of layers are shown in Figure 13-18.

Figure 13-18 Current Layer Status and Effects (5) Continue to execute Ctrl+Shift+N [New Layer] command, create a new "Layer 4" and place it above "Layer 3". Then use the Pen Tool to outline the font highlight path and load the selection. Click the Gradient Tool button in the toolbox to pull out the gradient transparency effect in the selection, as shown in Figure 13-19. Continue to adjust in the same way, the final effect is shown in Figure 13-20.

Figure 13-19 Gradient crystal effect

13-20 Final Effect of Name

3 . Add decorative cartoons and texts (1) Click the [File] → [Open] command to open the [Material] → [Chapter 13] → [Comic Beans] PSD file on the CD-ROM of this book, as shown in Figure 13-21. . Use the "mobile tool" to drag the "Cartoon bean. Psd" file into the "jumping bean" file. Then, execute the Ctrl+T [Free Transform Tool] command to convert the "Cartoon Beans" layer. The result is shown in Figure 13-22.

Figure 13-21 Open the "Cartoon Bean. Psd" article

Figure 13-22 Adding a decorative cartoon

(2) Click the Horizontal Text Tool button in the Toolbox and enter the 100%, Mickey Input, and taste gelicacy text layers in the package layout. Select the "100%" text layer and set the parameters shown in Figure 13-23 in the [Character Control Bar]. Next, select the Create Distorted Text button in the menu box and set the parameters in the Distorted Text dialog box that pops up, as shown in Figure 13-24. Surround the title with 100% text. Finally, add a “stroke” effect to the font. The method is the same as above.

Figure 13-23 Character control bar parameter settings

Figure 13-24 Distorted text parameter settings

(3) The words "Mickey input" and "taste gelicacy" are also produced by the above method. The final production effect is shown in Figure 13-25.

Figure 13-25: The effect of distorted text is completed Since the fonts installed on each computer are different, readers may differ in their choice of fonts when making their own case. Therefore, the choice of fonts may be based on the reader's own ideas and preferences, but the final results must meet the layout requirements.

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