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British VTC Silvergate is a masterbatch manufacturer with strong research and development capabilities. Recently, it has developed a series of masterbatch products that meet the requirements of safety polymer performance standards. It belongs to a new generation of upgraded masterbatch grades that can be in direct contact with foodstuffs. The goal of the application is to replace the semicarbazide contained in the sealing material (SEM). Semicarbazide is a suspected carcinogen, a sealing material containing this chemical, which is commonly used as a liner for unscrewing metal bottle caps. To seal, its application history has been more than 20 years

In 2003, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) suspected that semicarbazide could migrate from the sealing material into food. A special investigation and research work was carried out on the foam seal liner processed with the commonly used foaming agent - Azoformamide (ADC). After heating the pad sample, it was found that the presence of semicarbazide Silvergate's new additives and masterbatches are mainly to improve the food safety performance of polymer packaging

Newly-produced sealing materials are more expensive and are required to be used in high-end packaging systems. Processors can benefit from the added value of their products. Silvergate's initial vision was to process safe food contact polymers. The 20 kinds of color masterbatches that are the first to be sold to the market for many kinds of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material processing master batches have the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency. The latest series of food contact products produced by the company are thermochromic master batches. , Consumers can determine the correct and reasonable use of temperature during the use of packaging products. For example, for baby food packaging company also plans to subsequently launch antibacterial sealing material for the masterbatch

Mouth care products box is a kind of paper box for packaging mouth care products such as electric toothbrush, beyond whitening accelerator, toothpaste and mouthwash. The box usually be use by cardboard and paper box. There are surface finishing can be used as follow: printing, lamination, hot stamping and embossing.


Advantages of Mouth Care Products Box

1) packaging good stably

2) protection products

3) custom Logo and size.

4) with customized insert


Description of Mouth care products box


Material: coated paper , kraft paper, embossing paper, gold paper, corrugated paper.


Packaging 1PC/Polybag for carton

Payment: T/T, L/C,D/P, Western union

Mouth care products box


Mouth Care Products Box

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