3000th Krones Canmatic Loose Stick Bottle Labeler

Anniversary machine super power
Campbell Soup Company introduced Krones' 3000th Canmatic labeler to attach loose-leaf roll-on bottle labels for soup cans. The machine's power capacity is 84,000 cans per hour.

Labelling machine celebrates the anniversary. This spring, Krones AG, Neutraubling, supplied the 3000th Canmatic labeling machine. The Canmatic labeler was first produced in 1978 and was originally used only for canning. At that time, the labelling machine replaced the machines that allowed the cans to lie flat on the roll into the labeling unit by their manufacturing methods. Today, fully automated Canmatic labelers can attach post-cut roll-to-roll bottle labels to different containers.

The tried-and-tested loop-type labeling machine uses hot glue to accurately and reliably attach paper labels and suitable plastic labels. Different configurations of the Canmatic labeler can label between 15,000 and 84,000 containers per hour. The labeler's production is very solid, and it is a work horse that is easy to operate and maintain. It uses the principle of interpolating and using, just "stand up, open, labeling", reliable for many years.

Animal feed, condensed milk, canned fish

At Eden, an animal food producer in Verden/Allen, a Canmatic labeler has been able to label animal feeds overnight, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for more than 20 years. The Canmatic labeler also worked tirelessly for the famous Canned Brand brand condensed milk. There are even two smaller labelling machines. A few years ago, they were able to label canned tuna directly on a fishing boat and in the ocean.

In the 1880s, PET container beverage filling began to gain a foothold. The result was that Canmatic labellers attached PET bottles to roll-on bottle labels for the current front. In the early years, a Canmatic labeler had to wait on almost all PET containers, affixing loose-leaf roll-on bottle labels.

Canmatic hot and cold adhesive combination

With the Krones principle of standard parts, the hot glue labelling system can also be combined with one or more cold glue labelling machines. The resulting Canmatic combination can effectively integrate two different labeling systems. The hot glue labeling system is responsible for attaching the roll-stick bottle label to the round part of the container, and the cold glue labeling unit attaches a chest label, a ring neck label or a set label to the chest taper of the container. The Canmatic combination is technically and economically feasible for labeling possibilities. Combined with additional units, the use of ideas is endless.

The combination of Canmatic labeler and Canmatic guarantee is a broad user circle, from beverage makers, food manufacturers, cosmetics and chemical industries, to favorite and promotional product equipment.

The 3,000th Labeler belongs to Campbell Soup Company

The Krones 3000th Canmatic labeler was ordered for the American company Campbell Soup Company. The brand is known around the world and it has been attributed to American pop artist Andy Warhol. In the 1960s he used Campbell soup canning as the subject of his famous "Campbell Soup" series. The 3000th Canmatic labeler will operate at the Maxton plant in North Carolina. This annual labelling machine has become the most powerful of the old Canmatic manufacturing series of labelers at a power of 84,000 cans per hour.

Source: Krones Group

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