How to classify packaging?

Packaging by design category?

Bag design, packaging box design, food packaging design, beverage packaging design, gift box packaging design, cosmetic bottle design, detergent packaging design, cigarette packaging design, wine packaging design, wine packaging design, beer packaging design, wine packaging design , OTC drug packaging design, non-OTC drug packaging design, health product packaging design, software packaging design, CD packaging design, electronic product packaging design, daily chemical product packaging design, import and export commodity packaging design.

Packaging container shape classification?

Packaging Container Shape Category: can be divided into packaging boxes, packaging barrels, packaging bags, packaging bags, packaging baskets, packaging bundles, packaging jars, packaging cans, packaging cylinders, bottles and other packaging.

Packaging material classification?

Packaging material classification: can be divided into wood packaging, paper packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, ceramic packaging and plastic packaging.

Packaging category classification?

Classification of packaging goods categories: can be divided into food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, light industrial product packaging, needle cotton fabric packaging, household appliances packaging, mechanical and electrical product packaging and fruit and vegetable packaging.

Classification for safety purposes?

Classification for safety purposes: can be divided into general cargo packaging and dangerous goods packaging.

The role of packaging in the production of modern commodities?

Packaging has become an integral part of modern commodity production. It has also become a powerful tool for the competition of various businesses. All manufacturers have been brand-named "new packaging, new listing" to attract consumers, rack their brains, do not hesitate to spend heavily in order to change their products The image in the minds of consumers also enhances the image of the company itself. For example, record companies create brand-new and new packaging for singers and use them to change their image in fans. Now packaging has been integrated into the development, design and production of various products. Almost all products need to be packaged to become Commodities enter the circulation process.

Packaging at different times, how do different countries define?

? Packaging understanding and definition: At different times, different countries, their understanding and definition are not the same. Many people think that packaging is the purpose of turning circulation materials. It is a means and tool for wrapping, tying, and containing items. It is also an operational activity for packing and holding items.

Since the 1960s, with the popularization and development of various supermarkets and supermarkets of their choice, packaging has been dominated by the safe circulation of the original protection products, and it has shifted to the role of salespersons. People have also given new meanings to packaging. And mission. The importance of packaging has been recognized by people.

How to define the packaging in the Advanced Chinese Dictionary?

1) The act or process of bundling things into bags or containers, etc.
2) The contents of the packaged goods, that is, the cover, jacket or container that covers the goods; specifically the protective unit used to store or transport the goods.

What is the definition of packaging in our country in 1983?

“In order to protect products in circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales, certain technical methods and other operational activities are applied in the process of containers, materials, and auxiliary materials used in certain technical methods. In other versions of textbooks, there are also Defined as: "In order to ensure that the original shape and quality of the goods are not damaged or affected during transportation, flow, transaction, storage and use, a series of technical means adopted for the goods is called packaging. ”

Each country and region has slightly different definitions of packaging, but they all focus on the function of packaging.

Source: Art China Network

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