Economic and practical general use for rewinding machine, paper machine dust removal equipment

Yangzhong City, the spirit of the new fan Fluorine Plastic Co., Ltd. developed a general rewinding machine, paper cutting machine paper dust removal equipment. The use of this equipment can completely improve the phenomenon of stencil printing caused by the paper with a part of the paper in the production process of the printing factory, which greatly improves the printing quality.

The dust-removing equipment consists of a paper sucking fan and two suction pipes installed on the rewinding machine or paper cutting machine to suck the air containing paper wool into the fan through the pipe, and send it into the water film cyclone paper gas separator. The separator separates the paper from the air, the water and paper are mixed into the storage tank, the net gas is discharged outside, the water supply system uses circulating water, and a slurry pump sends the water to the separator water pipe. After 8 to 24 hours of work, the pulp reaches At a certain concentration, it is pumped by another slurry pump to the pulp pool, and the storage bucket is filled with fresh water. This equipment is an economical and practical product that the company has learned from advanced technologies of similar foreign products and has been developed in conjunction with domestic practices. â—†

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