Folk Art and Graphic Design

Folk art is an important part of our national culture. It contains the nation's psychological quality and spiritual quality, reflecting the simple aesthetic concept. Folk art is created by the masses of folk working people. It is closely related to people's clothing, food, housing, and living. It mainly reflects life directly through the form of objects, and satisfies people's aesthetic needs, reflecting the practical purpose of serving life and beautifying life. This will inevitably involve people's psychological, emotional, thinking, national character and other aspects, forming a universal sense of folk aesthetic culture, it from the basic cultural characteristics, design ideas, rich meaning, pure style and so many other aspects It enriches the artistic language and ideological content of graphic design.

First, the basic cultural features of folk arts have enriched the national cultural connotation of graphic design.

Folk art is related to palace fine arts, literary arts, and religious fine arts. Although folk arts come from people, they provide nutrition for other fine arts and become one of the foundations of national culture. Therefore, folk art is included. Culture, known as the "maternal culture" of the cradle of national culture, the root of national culture. It maintains the original state before material and spiritual undifferentiation, and contains the Chinese traditional view of nature and way of thinking.

Many successful modern graphic design works, especially internationally recognized designs that represent Chinese style, are the reasons for their success. They are inseparable from the roots of the local community and the absorption of Chinese traditional art and folk art. We are gratified that we have seen many designers who love local culture and promote national style. When we look for new design elements, we look to here. The more ethnic we are, the more we are in the world. They successfully learn from and use folks. The essence of culture to enrich its own design has not only achieved good results, but also demonstrated to the people of the world the contemporary nature of our national style. There are no shortage of examples. For example, the emblem of Hong Kong Phoenix TV draws on the traditional “happiness” graphic, reflecting a strong cultural heritage; and the phoenix bird’s relatives, the rotating wings are very dynamic, reflecting the Consummation, auspiciousness, and prosperity. The sign of China Unicom simply uses the pattern of “plate length” which is one of the “eight treasures” of folk, and gives traditional meaning to the modern image. There are also a lot of poster designs, printing designs, type designs, packaging designs, etc., or in the overall style, or in the local form, or in individual patterns. New ideas have achieved good results and have been recognized and loved by the people of the world.

Second, the creation of folk art has expanded the thinking and creativity of graphic design.

The creation of folk art is free, and it is entirely true that the people's emotions are truly and naturally revealed. Therefore, in terms of modeling, it is not rigidly adhered to the reality of objective things, but is a subjective and imaginative concentrated investment. For the creation of wild beasts and birds, the unique imagination and creativity of folk artists are fully demonstrated. "Kirin", "Dragon" and "Feng" are nowhere in the world, but in folk art, they are both physical and spiritual, with physical appearance, color can be ambiguous, lifelike fetishism. In folk paper-cutting, the creators have boldly eliminated, exaggerated, and ordered the actual image form, but they still retain the spiritual appearance of their objects, making the shape simple, simple, and clear. Here, imagination and creativity completely get rid of the shackles of objective things. Through artistic language, people's creative thinking is fully expressed. Learning folk arts can exercise discovering power, look at unusual things with unusual ideas, exercise the ability to seek order from disorder, and exercise general ability and organizational ability. The cultivation of this kind of creative thinking will enable you to think deeply, think broadly, think rationally, think thoughtfully, expand the way of thinking, and make the graphic design rich in content and profound in thought.

Third, the pure and simple creation style of folk art provides a pure natural beauty for graphic design.
We advocate that graphic design must "return to nature" without any sense of artificiality, and seek a naive, simple, rough and natural realm. The use of materials in the use of folk art uses natural materials that are ready to be picked up, and it is not just to make too many carvings and decorations, but to keep the production traces of simplicity and simplicity, revealing natural and interesting tastes. The subjective creative intention is ingeniously combined with the natural form of the material. “There is true intention, to whitewash, less to make, not to show off”. This kind of artistic temperament of returning to innocence gives our graphic design a natural beauty and infinite vitality. Graphic design must do its best to create a natural, simple and concise style to satisfy people's psychological cravings. In this way, our design is a useful, user-friendly design. The art of folk art as the wisdom created by the working people of all ages, the rich atmosphere of life, the kindness of the homeland, and the simple and lively character always give people enigmatic enticement and inexhaustible deep enlightenment.

Folk art is one of the foundations of folk culture, the foundation of other forms of art, and the art form that is most close to the people. China's graphic design is part of the national culture. It must be based on other cultures and must not be cut off from other artistic aspects. The dissipation of cultural traits is not the division and combination of machinery, it will necessarily have an effect on the entire cultural system. Therefore, China's modern design is not a retrospective of the Western art design, it is not an "old bottle of new wine," nor is it simply "Chinese decoration + Western structure". It is in an inalienable material and cultural layer that is integral to the national culture as a whole. It is both a high-grade Chinese cultural connotation and a new style that meets the world's current trends. For our country's outstanding cultural heritage --- folk art, our graphic design can draw from the essence, from which we can obtain the resources for design creativity, and form the unique artistic style and charm of our nation.

Source: Hebei Science and Technology

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