Pandid TS801XCR walking shoes evaluation

Light as Yan walks the horizon - Pandid TS801XCR walking shoes Reviews

The Pandide TS801XCR walking shoes for this evaluation. With its limited commentary and product information on the Internet, it is not difficult to see that this is a newly launched hiking shoe by Pandit. It should be the acclaimed TS800 improved version.

Look at the official information of this shoe:

Section number: TS801 XCR
Fabric: Matte Picardon Cordura
Lining: GORE-TEX® XCR Waterproof Lining: Vibram Wearable Rubber Outsole Available Colors: Dark Green, Black Optional Shoe Size: 36-44

Pandid TS801XCR trekking shoe appearance

Overall design and material selection:

No matter what kind of outdoor sports you participate in, a pair of lightweight waterproof shoes that can withstand the wear and tear of the road and withstand the test of weather changes are all necessary. This is exactly what makes GORE-TEX® XCR. Anyone who has had a trekking experience knows that sweat on the soles of the feet will make the feet slippery in the shoes, which in turn will accelerate fatigue and cause blisters. The GORE-TEX® XCR waterproof material used by Pandide TS801 has greatly improved the waterproof and breathable properties of GORE-TEX® fabrics. During wear, GORE-TEX® XCR prevents moisture from penetrating into the shoe while allowing the sweat inside the shoe to escape easily. In order to keep the outdoor hiking dry.

The matte leather and the DuPont CORDURA shoe fabrics used in the PANDID TS801 are also breathtaking. DuPont CORDURA is known for its light, quick-drying, soft, durable, wear-resistant and tear-proof properties. The good quality of this fabric ensures that GORE-TEX® XCR will not be fully functional. In addition, the GORE-TEX® XCR has a good waterproof design, making the Pandide TS801 easy to wading through in the face of shallow streams without any influence. The hard rubber wrapped in the front part of the shoe adds beauty and protects the toes from being damaged by hard objects.
I personally experience this in particular during the trial process. Because I usually love to sweat, when assessing the TS801, even wearing synthetic fiber socks for a long time on foot, the shoes can be kept dry and no peculiar smell, this is rare.

The TS801 sole uses Vibram's wear-resistant rubber outsole to ensure wear resistance and stability. The soles of the soles of the soles of the shoe are superimposed on the reversed arrows and have a tooth profile design. Obviously there is a shadow of anti-skid and anti-skid design concepts for racing tires. The “V”-shaped design of the sole of the heel also provides excellent grip and slip resistance.

Anti-slip, skid-proof and heel grip design on the sole sole

GORE-TEX® XCR fabrics are highly recommended by outdoor enthusiasts


Look at the color first, with dark green and gray as the main elements. The bright yellow and light laces of laces and shoelaces are interspersed with them. The entire shoe gives a first impression that it is deep but not rigid. Secondly, there is a reflective strip in the lower part of the middle of the shoe tongue, and the bright yellow lace on both sides of the reflective strip also has a reflective point. Regardless of whether light hits from the front or side, these reflective spots can act as reflective warnings to ensure the safety of the wearer. Finally, compared with the previous TS800 appearance of a large area of ​​blank, TS801 decorated on both sides of the shoe with a simple and smooth transparent lines, both to play a decorative role, but also to improve the overall shoe quality.

In summary, my test of Pandbit TS801 in terms of appearance, can be described as fashion but unconventional, both outdoor and urban atmosphere. It can be used outdoors for hiking and hiking, as well as in sportswear and casual wear in the city. It is the best choice for self-abuse and leisure.

TS801 front view

TS801 side front view

TS801 side rear view

The unique design of the lace and the reflection point under the lace

From this side front view, you can see in detail the transparent lines on both sides of the shoe

Shoe type and minor defects:

The PANDID TS801 can be tailored to Asian feet. The comfortable tongue and the foot-shaped insole make me feel more stable and comfortable in the whole evaluation experience. In addition to the ultra light weight, walking for a long time did not feel tired, and made me ignore the existence of the shoe itself, huh, huh.

The only drawback in wearing this time was that the design of the upper and the ankle was not perfect. The upper was slightly too high. During the evaluation process, both sides of the ankle and the upper were rubbed, and it took about one week to adapt. Personal advice, a low walking shoes, since it has been positioned in the low gang, why not let the soles of the sneakers be completely lower. In order to adapt to all wearers.

Overall, this Panby TS801 captures my heart of love walking for a short period of time thanks to its many advantages, such as its fine workmanship, fashionable appearance, and classic material selection. In the process of wearing for a long time, it is deeply felt that the conventional walking shoes are easily tired, breathable, and have poor waterproof performance. Throughout the excellent features of this PANDID TS801, I found that its outdoor function is not limited to hiking, but also suitable for short mountaineering and mountain marathon. Of course, wearing a city is even more apparent.

Outdoor clothing testers personal 5F question and answer

1, (Fit) Pandide TS801 for my own foot type?
A: I usually wear a 39-yard shoe. This time I consider hiking habits and choose 40 yards. Feeling comfortable in the process of wearing your feet. I think this TS801 designed for the Asian foot should be the best choice for most people.

2, (Frequently) Pandide TS801 is more suitable for what kind of environment often wear?
A: Pandit TS801 is suitable for outdoor hiking, short distance mountaineering and mountain marathon, etc. from the viewpoint of material selection, color matching and its professional design concept. At the same time, leisure activities and urban wear on weekends are also fashionable.

3, (Fashion) Pandide TS801 style and appearance is stylish and has a unique style?
A: This is worthy of recognition. Concise and smooth lines, eye-catching but not complicated appearance. Pandid TS801 should be considered the perfect combination of fashion and simplicity.

4, (Fabrics & materials) Pandide TS801 fabric selection is professional?
A: The combination of GORE-TEX® XCR lining and DuPont CORDURA is urgently needed. Pandbit TS801 is difficult to use professionally in fabric selection.

5, (Fail or like to purchase) due to personal factors unwilling (willing) to purchase Pandit TS801 reasons.
A: Taking into account the excellent quality and tempting prices of this pair of shoes, if you choose walking shoes or short hiking shoes, the PANDID TS801 is definitely my current choice.

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