The latest solution for post-finishing technology

In order to be invincible in today's increasingly fierce competition, more and more printing companies are seeking a way to provide more services and meet more customer needs. Many companies are focused on customer service, print quality and production costs, but they do not realize that actually improving the surface finish of printed products is the best way to add value.

Many people have realized that the surface quality of printed products is an important condition for improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Admittedly, the quality of printing is undoubtedly very important. It is an important part of the success of the final printing. The highest printing quality will also be hampered by poor surface finishing.

The technology of surface finishing has been widely circulated in the industry as early as five years ago. Regardless of traditional printing or digital printing, attention has been paid to the progress of surface finishing processes related to post-press processing. However, how each company finds the best fitting solution is one of the most difficult problems at present. This article will provide some solutions for this topic and hopes to help everyone.

First of all, selecting the most suitable printing equipment for the framing process, and effectively integrating the equipment is the key to success. Choose one of the most enjoyable suppliers to get the training you need for technical support and services. According to the company's funds and equipment, choose a combined solution, which not only can meet the changing process requirements, but also can combine old-fashioned equipment into new equipment and play a new vitality. The combination of work units is a very effective solution that facilitates long-term investment. Suppliers can benefit from both traditional and digital printing processes.

Before you invest in a new type of equipment, it is very important to become familiar with this type of equipment, which directly affects whether or not you can make the right choice. Are you hesitating to invest in traditional or digital presses? What is the most critical factor for the equipment you need? What is the production rate? Can you choose the finishing equipment after printing to adapt to the new production plan? If we choose a combined printing solution, we can effectively solve the integration problems between various processes, thereby increasing the production scale. It is conceivable that if you invest a lot of money on digital presses, and because the choice of post-press processing equipment is not ideal, it cannot be used in the short-run or variable-printing fields, and it would not be worthwhile to make fast-printing into “slow printing”. Loss!

The finishing equipment you choose must match the most accepted printing jobs. Regardless of whether the printing process is traditional or digital, whether the job format is standard or non-standard, you need to set the printing length, substrate, and variable data. Another key aspect is whether your plan is for internal design or for your customers.

Establishing a friendly and close relationship with your customers is an important factor in effectively communicating ideas and better fulfilling production tasks. If you can understand the customer's intent, it will be able to provide the perfect solution for the most suitable design, production and binding. If you print a multi-page reference, it is best to use a spiral binding method. Whether or not a job requires folding, glue-binding, saddle-stitching, wrapping, or other finishing methods is the most important factor to consider in designing. Therefore, it is a basic condition for a perfect solution to specify the production process in the design process.

There are currently four types of post-printing processes: on-line processing, off-line processing, near-machine processing, and newly introduced dual processing. The online integration processing is undoubtedly the most advanced solution. Whether it is a hardcover or a hardcover, on-line processing can design corresponding processing methods for each type of job.

Stapling and binding are the biggest problems in printing. Although online processing can avoid the interference between printing and post-press, if the printing unit fails, the post-printing part will not work. In addition, most post-press finishing units, such as folding machines and pack machines, are very fast, and many technicians find that the productivity of continuous machining is three times that of the offline mode.

If you combine online and offline methods, this hybrid approach seems to be the most efficient and practical.

Instead of being connected directly to the press, the work standard or data is transmitted over the network to a printing device, just like an optical symbol reader (OMR). The near-machine processing method can provide automatic post-press processing services for the job and automatically link the processes, thereby improving the efficiency of digital operations. It can also combine traditional printing and digital printing.

The name of the dual processing method comes from Duplo's bookbinding system, which effectively combines the offline mode and the near-line mode. You only need one bookbinding and processing line to complete any printing method.

The printing process in the future will move in the direction of more communication and interactive information. Many companies hope that their prepress, printing, and postpress equipment will be compatible with each other through a common standard. Now more and more postpress Equipment can meet most production needs.

Source: China Industrial Equipment

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