Advertising stickers and advertising ink selection

Cars, motorcycles, and advertising paintings are exposed outdoors, exposed to wind, rain, and sun for almost the entire day. Therefore, their images and texts also need to resist wind, rain, and sun, and they can withstand spring and summer. , autumn and winter climate temperature changes test. In the harsh outdoor conditions, the label graphic ink should not be discolored, powdered, cracked, or separated from the PVC film for three years. Therefore, the choice of ink and its printing become very important.

At present, most of the automobiles, motorcycles, and some outdoor advertisements are printed on soft PVC stickers. PVC is a polar material and generally has good adhesion with PVC inks. However, the softer the PVC film, the higher the plasticizer content in the film, and some plasticizer contents as high as 60%. As time goes by, plasticizers in plastics will float to the surface of plastics, which will affect the adhesion of non-soft PVC inks, so some will have just-printed inks with good adhesion. However, over time, the original ink that adhered firmly will soften and peel off.

For the characteristics of soft PVC film used in automobiles, motorcycles and outdoor advertising paintings, it is required that the selected ink not only can be firmly combined with soft PVC, but also has high weather resistance, heat resistance, and water resistance. At present, the Japanese Seiko ACT series can meet the above requirements, as well as SG700 series inks and German Baolong TJ series inks are soft, good weather resistance, stretch performance of 80% to 130%, high long-term fastness with soft PVC, outdoor use Life expectancy of more than 3 years. If Baolong TJ series ink is added with 20% VS Titanium, it has the features of heat-resistant pressure and high-frequency pressure welding.

The above mentioned inks are the inks of choice for today's automobiles, motorcycle stickers and outdoor advertising. For the better use of solvent-type PVC plastic ink such as SG700, the following is a brief introduction of its use conditions and how to use it properly.

Automobiles, motorcycles, and some outdoor advertisements are colored inks directly printed on a soft PVC adhesive surface, and the ink must be firmly attached to the PVC film. According to this condition, the ink binder resin must be vinyl chloride, in order to be compatible with the substrate, and the ink adheres to the basic conditions of the PVC in addition to matching the ink binder, the solvent must be able to dissolve or swell PVC , otherwise the ink can not be firmly combined with PVC. For this reason, it is necessary to prevent the selected solvent from excessively corroding the PVC film and causing wrinkling of the PVC film around the ink. Several of the inks described above do not generally produce this phenomenon in printing. However, when adjusting the viscosity of the ink, if the solvent is not used in combination with the temperature and humidity of the working environment, or the PVC material is changed or the batch number is changed, the PVC film around the ink may wrinkle.

Under various conditions and conditions, the solvent with different volatilization speed should be used to adjust the printability of the ink, so that the printing time of the ink can be reduced and the time for the solvent to erode the PVC film can be reduced. degree.

When addressing problems such as blocking nets, air bubbles, and ink drawing during the printing of labels and outdoor large-format advertisements, the following points need to be noted:

1. The temperature and humidity control of the printing environment. The recommended temperature is best controlled at 22 ~ 25 °C, relative humidity should be between 65% ~ 70%;

2. According to the environmental conditions of the printing, choose the solvent that is suitable for the volatilization rate. If necessary, first volatilize the original solvent in the ink and then add the solvent that is suitable for the working environment. For example, in order to suit the working conditions, use a special solvent, and you can also quickly Slow, dry, and dry solvents are blended in different proportions;

3. When large-area printing is used, if the screen pitch of the screen is adjusted too much, in the case of faster printing speed, the screen will quickly bounce off the substrate, so that in addition to causing ink drawing, bubbles will be generated. Therefore, if the printing speed is constant, the net distance can be reduced as much as possible; if the net distance is not changed, the printing speed can be adjusted slowly to prevent the ink drawing and bubble generation. But we must ensure that the screen has the best tension;

4. When printing in a large area, the viscosity of the ink should be appropriately low to increase the wetting of the ink on the surface of the substrate and the leveling of the ink on the substrate. However, if the viscosity is adjusted too low or too thin, the surface of the thick ink layer must be prevented from conjunctiva. The surface of the ink film is orange peel, which affects the smoothness of the ink film.

5. The pressure of the ink-jet knife should be moderate. If the pressure is too high, the ink will accumulate on the screen. When the ink is thickened during printing, the printed graphic will also be deformed; if the ink pressure is too low, the ink (film) will be uneven. Therefore, the best ink return is thin and evenly applied to the surface of the graphic. In this way, it is possible to prevent the residual ink from blocking the net and allow the printing to continue smoothly and continuously. This is particularly important for fine graphic printing and dot printing.

When screen printing fine lines or dots, appropriate thixotropy can be achieved by adjusting the viscosity of the ink, so that the fine lines and dots are fidelity, and the sharpness of lines and dot edges is improved. It is also possible to force 10% to 30% of 077 crystal paste and appropriate K97 thinner in the German Baolong TJ series ink to make fine lines and dot printing better.

To further increase the gloss and weather resistance of labels and posters, in addition to reducing the number of screen meshes and increasing the thickness of the ink film layer, it is also possible to print SG700 after the signs and advertisements are completely dry. Or MZ093 Varnish cover. The label solvent ink is dried by solvent evaporation. If the solvent in the ink film has not evaporated, the workpieces will be stacked and stacked to produce sticky pages. When the above ink is selected at 25°C and relative humidity of about 60%, the surface needs 5 to 10 minutes to dry, and 24 hours to completely dry, that is, it can be placed 24 hours later.

In the case of color printing of stickers and advertisements, the color of the spot color ink should be selected as the basic color. Otherwise, the accuracy and purity of the printed picture color phase and its brightness and vividness cannot be guaranteed.

In order to ensure the performance of the ink, remember to use the original solvent of the ink, otherwise the ink may not be compatible, the color is not good, there will be many quality problems, and this must be taken seriously.

In summary, the printing of car bodies, motorcycle stickers and advertising paintings, and screen production must meet the requirements of graphic design, and the correct choice and use of ink should be made.


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