Digital anti-counterfeit paper opens up the forefront of information security

Recently, Hainan Yagen Security Paper Co., Ltd. has made major breakthroughs in the development of anti-counterfeiting technology. The company's exclusive research and production of "digital (security line) security paper" patented anti-counterfeit labels officially put on the market, plans to this year in the country Promotion.

It is understood that the product has the characteristics of “simple recognition + extremely difficult imitation”, which overcomes the common, complex, inaccurate and easily misidentified common problems of current anti-counterfeit products, and is now an ideal anti-counterfeiting product. This technology has obtained national-level technical certification. Experts have evaluated that it has features such as “very difficult to copy”, “counterfeiting digital can be disclosed”, “to prevent the use of piracy, and copying code to copy”. The technology advocates “anti-counterfeiting starts from paper” and it embeds security lines printed with the digital information of Asian-related codes in paper during the paper-making process. Anti-counterfeit labels made with the security paper have security lines like the renminbi. . This line is different from the general security line. There is a number on it, which is clear and can be checked by consumers before buying. The reason why it can be made clear is because the above digital is randomly generated in the production process, and it is uncontrollable and unique. This means that the technology can achieve "extremely difficult to copy" and "prevent the use of piracy and copying methods to replicate. The main reason. Their identification is based on "seeing," "touching," "tearing," or "checking," all of which are true and false. They do not require the use of any equipment and do not provide any reference.

The technology has a variety of forms of expression, can be made into ordinary anti-counterfeiting labels, security instructions and anti-counterfeiting certificates. For products with high added value that are necessary to prevent secondary use of the label, it is also possible to make a broken sub-tag that can effectively prevent the transfer of the label. In terms of function, the sub-elements' tags can also be expanded into anti-counterfeiting functions and promotion functions on the basis of guaranteeing the original anti-counterfeit functions.

[Reporter / Zhao Yan]
Reprinted from: China Wine News

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