Western Australian company launches aluminum foil packaged wine to seize market

Recently, some Australian liquor manufacturers have changed their traditional glass bottle packaging and replaced it with new aluminum foil packaging, which has occupied a place in the highly competitive wine market.

Palandri, a well-known wine company in Western Australia, has recently undergone major reforms using plastic and aluminum foil as a packaging material, hoping to replace the existing 750-ml glass bottle market. The plastic bottle cap on top of the aluminum foil bag named “Cheer Pack” by the Palandi company can be re-locked after drinking.

In addition to the capacity and general glass bottle is no different and environmentally friendly recycling, its biggest advantage is that the weight is only 15 grams, far more than a 500-gram traditional bottle light weight. In addition, the Happy Bag can also withstand more than 75 kilograms of weight, which is stronger than wine barrels. This kind of packaging does not affect the quality and taste of the wine. It is only a short shelf life of up to two years. The fun bag is simple and portable. Although the initial design capacity is 750 milliliters, it can be completely delivered according to customer needs.

Palandli has changed its specially-designed Baldivis Estate wines to this foil package. The company believes that the launch of the new packaging will increase its export value by AUD 32 million over the next two years.

Another Hardy, which ranks among Australia's top wine companies, also launched the world's first plastic bottle and plastic cup for the integrated packaging of offensive markets earlier this month.

The 187 ml all-in-one bottle is made of acrylic material and uses a wine glass made of the same material to seal the bottle mouth. When you drink, simply twist the top to loosen the wine glass and pour the wine from the bottle into the bottle. Wine glasses are very convenient for those who participate in large-scale evening parties or sports events, and they are very popular once they are launched.


Reprinted from: China Wine News

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