New green approach: Eco-bag-changing plastic bottles serve two purposes

On the morning of June 3rd, in the Beijing Environment Building, the grandfather of Sun Cheng, who lives in the Tiantongyuan Community in Beijing, and more than 60 community representatives from Pinggu and Huairou, etc., were pleased to receive the love bag from Zhou Guiling, secretary general of the China Environment Protection Foundation. . On the same day, the public service activities organized by the China Environmental Protection Foundation and Guangdong Junfeng Spectrum Industrial Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the public welfare activities of "Responsible for Relaying Love, Sharing Health, Benefiting Ten Thousand Families, and Promoting Environmental Protection into the Community".

According to the relevant person in charge of the China Environment Protection Foundation, a reporter from the "China Sankei Shimbun" introduced that in order to actively respond to the State Council's "Notice on Restricting the Use of Plastic Shopping Bags for Production and Marketing," the Chinese Environmental Protection Foundation has joined hands since June. Guangdong Junfeng Spectrum Industry Co., Ltd. organized volunteer environmental protection volunteers to visit more than 100,000 communities in 42 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Changsha, and encouraged community residents to use disposable plastic bottles and plastic bags to replace “Love Green Bags”. .

Zhou Guiling, secretary-general of the China Environment Protection Foundation, told reporters that plastic shopping bags and plastic bottles are consumable items in daily life. They also cause serious waste of resources and white pollution. Junfeng Spectrum, as a company that has a 19-year history of 'Chaoyang Science' bio-spectrum technology, has taken a positive role in promoting the progress and development of China's environmental protection industry.

Chen Feng, president of Junfeng Spectrum, told reporters: "Junfeng will launch this activity through more than 1,000 subsidiary companies, operating departments and service points in 42 cities across the country. Love relays you and him, sharing health benefits.”

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