Operating points of high pressure airless spraying machine

Operating points of high pressure airless spraying machine

(1) Preparation before painting

Before painting and painting, prepare the necessary items for painting. The necessary items for coating include paint and thinner, paint mixer, weighing equipment, spraying equipment and accessories, coating and coating testing equipment, etc. . In addition to this, it is necessary to carry out the work of coating preparation and machine debugging.
1. Coating preparation
(1) Confirm the coating
Confirm the type and quality of the paint according to the coating requirements, and find the problem corrected in time.
(2) Adjust the viscosity of the paint
The paint is thoroughly stirred and the viscosity of the coating is measured. If the viscosity is too high, the diluent should be appropriately added to adjust the viscosity.
2. Spraying machine installation and inspection
(1) Installation
Install and connect the components and auxiliary accessories of the prepared sprayer correctly.
(2) inspection
After the sprayer is installed and connected, enter the state to be sprayed. Check whether the power source is running normally before spraying, then inhale the paint, check whether the high pressure paint cylinder is pressurized normally, whether the feed hose is leaking, whether the connection between the parts is tight, the spray gun and Whether the filter is blocked or not. Found faults and eliminated them in time.
(3) Painting environmental conditions control
The temperature and humidity of the sprayed environment are measured to meet the coating conditions and can be applied. Outdoor painting should also take into account the weather factors, from the spraying to the dry surface of the coating for a period of time, should avoid rainy weather and high wind speed, wind and sand weather.

(2) Painting operation

The painting operation is mainly the operation and use of the spray gun. The improper use of the spray gun can cause coating coating defects. The coating coating defects mainly manifest in three aspects: First, the coating is uneven, and the main performance is the trace of the joint. , the coating color is inconsistent, the coating smoothness is poor. Second, the coating is too thick, mainly characterized by sag phenomenon, the surface of the coating is dry and the deep layer is not dry, and the coating crust phenomenon occurs. Third, the coating is too thin; the main performance is that after the conventional coating is applied, the coating does not reach the required thickness. There are three main issues to be aware of when using the gun.
Gun distance
The distance between the nozzle and the surface of the object to be coated is called the gun distance, and the gun distance is preferably 300~400mm. The gun distance is too small, the spraying pressure is too large, the recoil force is also large, the coating unevenness is easy to occur, and the spray width (the fan width) is small, so that the coated object is excessively sprayed too much, and the coating film is too thick. If the gun distance is too large, the spray pressure loss is large, the paint is easily lost, and the spray width is too large, so that the local spray of the coated object is too small, and the coating film does not reach the thickness requirement.
2. Spraying fan angle
The spray fan surface and the surface to be coated should be perpendicular to each other. When the spray gun is manually operated, it should be noted that the spray width should not be too large each time, otherwise the angle of the spray fan surface will change significantly due to inconvenient operation, resulting in uneven coating.
3. Spray gun running direction and speed
The direction of the spray gun should always be parallel to the surface of the object to be coated, perpendicular to the spray surface to ensure uniformity of the coating. The speed of the spray gun should be stable, preferably 300~400mm/s. The running speed is unstable, the coating thickness is not uniform, the running speed is too fast, the coating is too thin, and the coating is too thick.

(3) Finishing work after painting

When the painting construction is completed or the temporary paragraph is completed, it is necessary to pay attention to the finishing work.
1. Cleaning of spraying equipment
Spray the paint inside the machine, and then spray it with solvent instead of the paint to clean the paint in the machine and the paint in the spray gun. When the sprayed material is relatively clear, it can be used. The gun is then removed and the easy-to-remove parts are removed and carefully cleaned with solvent. If the waterborne coating is applied, clean the machine and gun with water.
2. Maintenance of spraying equipment
After the spray equipment has been cleaned, disassemble the parts that require disassembly and care, and dispose of the parts with appropriate maintenance measures. For the application of running water, the maintenance of the spray gun and nozzle is mainly.
3. Finishing of paints and auxiliary equipment
The remaining paint after use should be sealed and stored, and the auxiliary equipment (mixer, testing tool, weighing tool, etc.) should be cleaned and stored.
4. Inspection of coating quality
The inspection of the coating quality is the same as that of air spray.

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