Winery Technology Innovation Using Light Wine Bottles

Based on annual averages, after adopting new lightweight wine bottles, Fizel Wines will reduce its glass usage by 16% (over 2100 tons) per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with glass bottles in the supply chain. The amount is 14% (3000 tons of CO2 emissions). This is equivalent to planting 70,000 trees and growing them for a decade. Fisser, one of the largest wineries in the United States, will use lightweight wine bottles to reduce the weight of its wine transport, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the environment.

Reducing the glass usage by 16% depends mainly on technological innovations in bottle design, which include reducing the thickness of the glass and removing the recessed portions of the bottom of many wine bottles. These changes will have multiple effects on the environment through the recycling of wine bottles. It not only reduces the amount of glass used, but also reduces the amount of energy needed to produce the glass and transport it from the winery to consumers.

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