Brief Analysis of Application of Polyester Beer Bottles in China

Although China has just started to promote the use of polyester bottles, it has already made a good start.

Zhuhai Zhongfu's PET plastic beer bottles are produced through the introduction of foreign advanced injection molding equipment, optimization of raw materials, optimized preform design, optimized coinjection technology, and blow-molding technology. The PET beer bottle is a three-layer oxygen barrier structure, which has high barrier properties, heat resistance, pressure resistance, light protection and transparency, and meets the requirements of pasteurization process, so that the PET bottle filling beer has good flavor during the preservation period. , Keeping fresh for 100 days. According to relevant data, other plastic factories in China, such as Shanghai Zijiang, Zhejiang Huangyan Sanfa Plastics, Fujian Xiamen Huakemao, and Taiwan Plastics Industry, have also successfully developed plastic beer bottles. Tsingtao Brewery, Sanjiu Beer in Shijiazhuang, Zhuhai Brewery and other few breweries in China have begun to use plastic beer bottles.

Although China has made considerable progress in the use of plastic beer bottles, the current market share is very low and it cannot yet form a climate.

To promote plastic beer bottles as soon as possible, in addition to constantly improving the performance of plastic beer bottles and reducing costs, we must also reduce investment in plastic bottle filling lines, and try to reconstruct existing glass beer bottle filling production lines so that they do not It is necessary to re-introduce the equipment to turn the glass bottles into plastic bottles for filling.

Insiders pointed out that the transformation of the existing glass bottle filling production line can proceed from the following aspects:

Polyester bottles cannot be evacuated, and carbon dioxide can be used to replace the air to control the oxygen infiltration process during the filling process.

Polyester bottle transfer can not be positioned like a glass bottle to the bottom of the bottle, only use the bottleneck clamping positioning method. Long-distance transmission can use air transport with high efficiency and accurate positioning.

If a tinplate cap seal is used, the cap mold must be replaced.

Others such as pasteurization do not need to be changed.

Consumers say that the promotion and application of plastic beer bottles can achieve 6 bottles of heat-shrinkable packaging, such as beverage packaging, 4 or 2 bottles of portable packaging, and the capacity can range from 330 to 2000 ml. Large plastic bottled fresh beer reduces packaging costs, is suitable for home and rural consumption, and also prevents counterfeit bulk fresh beer from entering the market. Small packaging plastic bottles are suitable for high-end consumption, and there are markets for restaurants, hotels, sports venues and friends gatherings.

In short, plastic beer bottles instead of glass beer bottles are the general trend. Both the social benefits and the economic benefits prospects are very optimistic. It can be expected that with the continuous improvement of the production, circulation, use, and recycling systems of plastic beer bottles in China, this type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, hygienic and safe new packaging of PET bottles will become the mainstream of beer packaging in the future in China.

Reprinted: Chinese bottle net

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