Satisfaction between bits and pieces - the story of me and the car model

[Chinese and foreign toy nets · Consumer culture] The first contact with these things is a very chance. An uncle came back from abroad and brought me a small gift. Many years later, I think of it, or these little things, let me choose the car industry. Now in my house, there is a wall full of various car models , many of which are my test drive and even the evaluation of the model.

For many people, the car model is a big toy for us adults. Collection is just a kind of action that kills time. In the accumulation, slowly discovering the meticulous changes in life, and building a sense of satisfaction bit by bit. The speed of my collection of car models is almost one month. After one year, I will fill a whole wall.

Many friends don't pay much attention to the maintenance of the model. Here I also list some ways to maintain the car model for your reference.

1, placed

Do not put it on a high place to avoid accidental fall and cause damage. Do not put it in a place where children can easily reach it, so as not to cause harm to both parties (children and small cars). These are small reminders to avoid accidents. The conditions of each family are different, and everyone must be self-disciplined. The car model avoids high temperatures. Therefore, the car model should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

If the humidity is too large, the paint surface is prone to oxidation, black spots and even foaming. The big rule is to place the car in a dry and ventilated place. For some collectors with insufficient space, it is sometimes necessary to put the car model back into the original packaging and place it in a corner. This requires attention to whether the placed position is too humid.

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