Let dry skin supple for the winter

As the owner of the skin, we have the responsibility and obligation to choose a skin care product that is truly healthy and harmless to the skin! Here is a good moisturizing day cream for you.

This mask is 100% natural Chinese medicine. It has improved local skin microcirculation, accelerates skin metabolism, promotes sufficient nutrients, trace elements and collagen elastin to penetrate and absorb into the skin, remove harmful substances from skin metabolism, and increase skin pass. Permeability. Thereby achieving skin whitening, anti-fine wrinkles, blackheads, skin rejuvenation, firming skin, increasing skin elasticity and repairing sun exposure. Suitable for any skin, it can also be applied to hands, arms, etc. Continuous or intermittent use depending on skin condition.

The main ingredients of this product are: silk collagen peptide, pearl powder, plant essential oil. This product is pure herbal essence, which can improve local skin metabolism, stretch skin, relieve fatigue, deep moisturizing , soften keratin, increase skin gloss and elasticity, etc. . Unisex.

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the skin will appear dry and inelastic. Although we have foundations and concealers to temporarily "cover up" the faint skin, but the skin underneath these things is eager to give us feedback in the absence of ventilation and lack of oxygen, such as what appears on our faces. Symptoms such as spots, acne, and rough skin.

Let the skin breathe deeply, this series of products can give us the biggest feature, this pure plant, pure Chinese herbal cosmetics products bring us beauty from the inside out!

Velvet Kids Hangers

  • The soft velvet covering gives these hangers feels luxurious while helping to prevent clothes from slipping. Our slim-line velvet Kids Hangers are lightweight yet sturdy and can be used to hang a variety of garments including tops, pants, jackets and suits.
  • Special features include: rounded edges, notches for hanging straps and clear anti-stain cushion clips. Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive feel. This special material is woven on a loom that weaves two thicknesses of the material simultaneously.

Best of all we offer wholesale pricing and discounts when you order our soft Velvet Hangers in bulk.

Velvet Kids Hangers

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