Remove the irritating eye bags and brighten the brilliance

The main cause of eye bag formation is bad habits of life and family inheritance. In addition, long-term lack of sleep, often wearing contact lenses, or cleansing is not soft enough, may cause eye bags. Some people are young but their bags are very obvious, which is the cause of heredity. Now, what do we care most about is how to remove the disturbing eye bags ?

Remove disturbing eye bags

1, cold compress swelling

If the eye bags are caused by insufficient sleep, they can be relieved by cold compressing. Wrap two or three pieces of ice with plastic wrap, fold the towel over the eyelids, and place the ice on it. The cotton pad with frozen tea or soaked in frozen milk also has a swelling and calming effect.

2, homemade gherkin eye mask

The cosmetic effect of cucumber is unquestionable. The sliced ​​cucumber can be applied to the eye bags to calm the skin and help reduce the symptoms of dark circles. However, please remember that the skin of the gherkin eye mask is clean and thin, easy to sunburn, so avoid the sun, so as not to eliminate the eye bags but more freckles.

3, doing liposuction surgery will have a good effect

The eye bags are caused by fat accumulation in the eyes. This also has a great relationship with the physical quality, genetic factors account for a large proportion. If the bags under the eyes are really serious, it is obvious on the face, or it is old. It is good to go to the hospital to do liposuction.

4, drink plenty of water before going to bed

People who are prone to eye bags should exercise more often, or often do facial and eye massage, help with partial circulation, and eat as little salty or spicy food as possible. Eating too much over-tasting food before going to bed, drinking too much water, are the cause of eye edema and eye bags.

5, eye cream can not be oily

Too oily eye cream, the skin is difficult to fully absorb, so that excess oil particles accumulate around the eyes, forming an eye bag shape. It is best to use a refreshing product for eye cream to avoid accumulation of oil particles.

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