The furniture industry expects to protect the housing

Industry encounters internal and external difficulties

Since last year, due to the gradual cooling of the real estate market, the overall furniture industry has been greatly affected.

In 2012, the restraining policy characterized by purchase restriction is still the main theme of real estate market regulation.

The real estate policy has no signs of loosening. The furniture industry, as a downstream industry in the real estate industry, will be further affected. The domestic demand market is even less optimistic. "After the purchase restriction policy comes out, there are fewer homes to buy, and the natural purchase of furniture will be reduced." A Beijing agent at the Beijing Big Bell Temple told the China Business News reporter. Last year, the turnover of his branded bed furniture was much lower than in previous years, and few customers were often seen in the store.

In terms of exports, since the second half of 2011, the debt crisis in Europe and the United States has intensified, and the demand for the European and American furniture market has been very obvious. The export volume of furniture has been declining. Guangdong is a large province of furniture production in China. The export of furniture accounts for almost half of the domestic market. Among them, Dongguan is the most famous. It once gathered thousands of furniture OEMs. Nowadays, these companies are facing an unprecedented test, and the foreign orders have fallen sharply, and enterprises are in trouble. According to statistics from the Guangdong Customs Department, from January to July 2011, the growth rate of Guangdong furniture exports was significantly lower than the same period last year. In July, Guangdong exported 380 million US dollars of furniture to the United States, down 15.4% year-on-year.

Since 2011, furniture manufacturing enterprises have faced a rapid rise in labor costs, and the consumption of electricity and environmental protection has increased dramatically. As a result, furniture companies are overwhelmed and production and management are struggling. The data shows that the labor cost in 2011 increased by at least 20% compared with the previous year; in three years, the monthly salary of the Guangdong furniture industry rose from 1600 yuan to 3,000 yuan, and the monthly wage of technicians climbed from 4,000 yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan, while the current Vietnamese workers The salary is only about 600 yuan per month. As a result, some coastal furniture companies, which mainly manufacture high-end products and export furniture, have begun to move to overseas developing countries, looking for a lower-cost production base. At the same time, Southeast Asian countries have abundant forest resources, and the prices of furniture and raw materials are relatively low, which has accelerated the pace of this transfer.

On the other hand, since the beginning of 2011, global timber resources have become scarce and imported timber prices have continued to rise. In 2011, timber prices imported from North America rose by at least 30%. Under the weight of rising costs, domestic furniture companies have fallen into an unprecedented predicament.

It is understood that in November 2011, the furniture manufacturing product inventory index was as high as 50%. From a certain point of view, it can be seen that the current furniture market has a state of overcapacity.

According to industry analysts, this situation is mainly caused by the fact that the furniture produced by the company cannot meet the needs of consumers in terms of style or quality. At present, there are tens of thousands of large and small furniture brands in China, but so far there is no leading brand in the leading industry. Many furniture manufacturers are re-manufacturing and light design, with serious homogenization and low degree of differentiation. Therefore, the export furniture has problems such as low grade and low added value. The product quality has a great gap compared with developed countries, which directly affects the international status of China's furniture enterprises and will affect the long-term development of China's furniture exports. The reduction of foreign orders and the decrease of exports directly led to the current backlog of furniture products.

Can the security room be pulled?

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the state will invest 36 million sets of affordable housing, and the coverage of urban affordable housing in the country will reach 20%. “As the downstream furniture industry, it will benefit from it.” Wang Yan, an analyst at CITIC Securities, pointed out that if the average furniture consumption of a house is 10,000 yuan, it will give birth to a furniture consumption market of about 360 billion yuan. Although some high-end brand furniture is not suitable for the housing market, for most furniture companies, the housing market has great appeal.
Wang Man, the executive chairman of the China National Forest Products Industry Association, pointed out that the number of affordable housing provided by the state should reach 36 million sets within five years. From the perspective of future growth space, it is a good news for the development of the industry. And it can be expected that the affordable housing is a real boost to furniture consumption. Unlike commercial housing, the occupancy rate of affordable housing is almost 100%. As long as you live in a social housing, the purchase of furniture is inevitable.

“The home of affordable housing has two distinctive features: small size, small quantity, economical, and cost-effectiveness are the requirements of this type of market.” A Beijing agent at a big bed in Beijing’s Dazhongsi told the reporter, “ If furniture is to be applied to a house with small space, it is inevitable to improve its functionality. Multi-functional furniture combines multiple functions into one, with less space, flexibility, simple function conversion, high market acceptance, we can Improvements, such as the 1 meter 5 bed changed to 1 meter 35, to produce furniture suitable for small units." Manager said that this year will increase efforts to develop such furniture products.

In response to the characteristics of affordable housing, some companies have developed custom furniture business, so that they can meet the needs of consumers to the utmost extent, and the company's products can also cover more consumers. According to the latest data, custom furniture now accounts for nearly 10% to 15% of the entire furniture industry. Other companies hope to reduce the intermediate links and develop customers with high cost performance by developing DIY furniture that is relatively simple to install.

In the sluggish market, the demand for furniture brought by affordable housing is very precious. In the next two or three years, there will be a period of delivery, which may bring prosperity to the furniture market.

Trade-in and new opportunities

Recently, the reporter learned from relevant channels that furniture trade-in or will continue to be replaced at the end of last year, the home appliance trade-in, has become a new policy of Beijing's consumption this year. The Beijing Municipal Department of Commerce has been studying new linkage policies that drive consumption, and the consumption of housing and housing-related commodities may become the focus of this year. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce said that the trade-in of the furniture may continue the policy of replacing the old-fashioned appliances with the old ones. In the joint market, several large-scale furniture retail stores will use several types of common furniture as the old-for-new items, according to the percentage of new product turnover. Subsidize and set an upper limit.

At present, Beijing has eliminated more than 1 million sets of old furniture every year, which means that 1 million sets of new furniture will be added to the market each year. According to the current market price of at least 3,000 yuan per set of furniture, the market demand for new furniture in Beijing exceeds 3 billion. yuan.

“I was very excited after seeing this news from the media.” A Beijing agent, a manager of a bed, told this reporter that “the old trade has made me see new hopes. I believe that the furniture market will usher in new development opportunities in 2012. ”

It is not difficult to see that the furniture market situation in 2012 will be improved. Driven by the affordable housing, the furniture industry may come out of the downturn in advance.

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