Eyeliner tool how to draw eyeliner is not blooming

Eyeliner is not easy to master, eyeliner is easy to smudge, eyeliner is not easy to color and smudge. These are the problems that we often encounter when we draw eyeliner. In the past, several make-up artists have secreted a few key tips for mastering these "arms". You can try it for yourself and see if you can get rid of your troubles. .

How to draw eyeliner is not blooming

How to draw eyeliner is not blooming

First, the eyeliner's blooming problem cotton swab can solve

The eye-erasing oil-free eye-catching eyeliner is a good eye for a rookie, because it is very well colored, but in any case, it can't get rid of the halo makeup. A makeup artist taught us a trick. The eyeliner is soft enough, there will be some oil in it, and the sweat on the face and the oil in the eyeliner will not blame. In fact, as long as we draw the eyeliner, use the cotton swab to squat down the root of the eyelashes, which will greatly extend the makeup time of the eyeliner. Editing it and trying it out is really amazing.

Eyeliner cream must first test the back of the hand

How to draw eyeliner is not blooming

Second, the eyeliner cream must first test the makeup on the back of the hand

Eyeliner with eyeliner brush will always be paired with an eyeliner brush, and it is a problem when the eyeliner is brushed out. Many girls are squatting bit by bit, drawing back and forth at the eyeliner, and when they are not careful, they are a shallow stroke and a thick stroke. The make-up artist tells us that you can boldly capture the color, then knead the color at the tiger's mouth on the back of the hand until the tip of the pen is evenly colored, so that the eyeliner can draw at least half of the eye, and the coloration will be even. .


How to draw eyeliner is not blooming

Third, turn around without turning the hand thread liquid more smoothly

The face of the eyeliner that turns the eyeliner in the direction in which the eyeliner is elongated is too soft. It is easy to draw out and move out. The makeup artist tells us that we can move our head without moving the eyeliner to grasp the uniformity of the eyeliner. . Hold the palm of your hand on the cheekbone part of the cheek, and drop the pen in the eye. The hand grasps a constant force. The point where the palm and the face touch is the axis, and the face rotates in the direction of the eyeliner. It must be slow and light. It's easier to draw smooth lines. Once you accidentally draw or paint, you are worried that removing the eyeliner will affect the makeup. You can use a cotton swab to apply a little liquid foundation, gently cover the broken lines, and then re-paint it. .

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