How to ingeniously remedy damaged solid wood furniture

The solid wood furniture in the house will be dim for a long time. In some places, the paint will peel off, and there may be cracks. What method should I use to remedy it?

Furniture damage can be repaired in a few small ways. If the paint is dim, there are two ways to restore the gloss of the wood furniture. One is to use a cup of water and a quarter cup of vinegar, wipe it with a soft cloth; the second is to use a soft cloth dampened with alcohol or toilet water or tea. Wipe and rub the floor wax again. If the surface of the varnish furniture is peeled off, it can be coated with the same color advertising pigment, and then applied to the surface with varnish can be intact. There are two ways to repair cracks and holes in tables, chairs and cabinets. One is to cut the old books into crumbs, add a proper amount of alum, boil them into a paste with water, and embed them in the seams. The second is to mix the wood chips with white glue and evenly insert them into the cracks. After polishing the sandpaper for a day and night, it is simple and economical. If the hinge is loose, you can take the wood as fine as chopsticks. Sharpen the white glue and insert it into the screw hole of the wood. After hammering in, break the wooden strip and screw the wood screw in again.

In addition, the wooden furniture may be used for a long time, and the drawer may be bounced. In this case, the drawer may be pulled out and turned over, and the electric iron is used to heat the candle oil on the drawer to make the oil penetrate into the wood. By using the same method to burn the candle oil on the corresponding road of the table cabinet, the drawer wear can be reduced.

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