Female household furniture was abandoned outside the hospital

(Reporter Zhou Qi) Recently, the public granddaughter was located in the residence of Beixin Village, Haidian District. Some of the items in the house were abandoned and the door locks were replaced. Sun Yuqin suspected that his neighbor Zhao had acted. Yesterday afternoon, Zhao responded that Ms. Sun’s residence was her own ancestor and should be owned by herself. At present, the Xiangshan police station has been involved in the investigation.

Yesterday afternoon, the second courtyard door of No. 13 on the back street of Beixin Village, Haidian District was locked. There were some furniture such as tables and chairs, wardrobes and other furniture that were nearly scrapped outside the courtyard. The courtyard was cleaned up.

According to Ms. Sun, on the morning of May 21, when she went home, she found that the door locks were replaced and the furniture in the house was abandoned outside the hospital. Ms. Sun immediately alerted the police and suspected that her neighbor Zhao had acted.

Ms. Sun said that the residence was purchased from Aunt Zhao in 2005, and Zhao had repeatedly clashed with her due to real estate disputes.

Yesterday afternoon, Zhao said that Ms. Sun’s residence was her own ancestral home and she should be owned by herself. The other party was obtained by non-normal means. The two sides also had a lawsuit against this. Ms. Sun had no right to live, and then she hanged up in a hurry. . Zhao did not admit that the move on the 21st was what he did.

The police have been involved in the investigation.

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