"Building a new building" is getting more and more broken

Recently, the Jianxin Building , which is located in the east of Wal-Mart Supermarket , has not only suffered from the dirty surrounding of the surrounding hotels, but also the building materials placed everywhere are filled with the open space of the residents downstairs.

Ben Hecheng Evening News reporter Yu Enhao went to the scene yesterday to verify that Jianxin Building is located between Wal-Mart Supermarket and Jinjiang Hotel, leaving only the residents' exit on the west side. The south side of the building has been covered with temporary board houses, but the owners of the houses have no plans to close the work. On the contrary, they are still building large buildings.

At 1 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, when the reporter came to build a new building downstairs, the front door of the building on the east side of the building had been occupied by sand, water pipes and other building materials, and it was only passed from the top. After the restaurant downstairs, the kitchen door was open, and the smoke of a strand of people was disgusting. Residents joked that today's Jianxin Building has been built more and more broken, and it has long been inconsistent.

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