Summer moisturizing essential spray lotion

In this issue, you can spray the lotion, and the ingredients of these lotions are super nourishing and beautiful, which is really worth the money. It is a must-have item for your summer.

Blue Mystery LAMER Revitalizing Spray

Blue Mystery LAMER Revitalizing Soothing Spray 600 yuan / 125ml

Containing energetic water molecules, rich marine and botanical extracts instantly moisturize, soothe and calm the skin. It also contains precious rose water to effectively smooth out dry lines, even the driest skin can be quickly relieved. In addition, the active magnet suspended in the bottle, like the flowing energy, continuously charges the spray filled with minerals to maintain the optimum state of the ingredients. The negative ion environment created by it instantly boosts skin vitality and awakens tired, dull skin. Keep a bottle with you, whether it is exposure, wind blowing, or long-term exposure in the office, the spray can be used to play its magical soothing effect.

FANCL Brightening Moisturizing Spray

FANCL bright white moisturizing spray (limited edition) 210 yuan

FANCL has launched a new mid-summer limited edition, "Bright White Moisturizing Spray", which provides defense, repair and hydration for skin that is dry by UV damage, bringing a three-in-one skincare effect. Just put a small bottle in your cosmetic bag and you will be able to show your bright and radiant face all day long!

Muscle Water Moisturizing Lotion 240ml

Muscle water skin moisturizing lotion 240ml/48 yuan

Taken from the natural water of Mount Fuji, which is rich in minerals, it contains no alcohol, no fragrance, no pigment, and can adjust the skin to a smooth state. Facial body hair, moisturizer that can be used at any time, anywhere, all over the body.

Butterfly Cui DHC moisturizing spray lotion

Butterfly Cui DHC moisturizing spray lotion 110 yuan

It is rich in highly effective moisturizing amino acids, anti-oxidant large leaf tea extract, thyme extract and plant extracts such as houttuynia extract which inhibits sebum secretion. It is a spray-type lotion that is completely sealed under aseptic conditions without preservatives. It can also be used after applying makeup. It is suitable for carrying when you go out, and it can be replenished at any time. It can also be used as an office to protect against the application of lotion before drying or applying mask.

Nalu Ke Magnolia Snow Ear Drilling Firming Whitening Spray

Niuer (microblogging) Nalu Kebai Magnolia Snow Ear Drilling Firming Whitening Spray RMB120/120ml

It can be used not only as a daily whitening lotion, but also as a portable whitening device. It can not replenish the skin with whiteness and tenderness at any time and place, and improve the problem of yellowing and blackening of the skin. This product can strengthen the inhibition of melanin production, dilute spots and improve sputum. Sap wax. In particular, the fine molecules sprayed do not destroy the makeup at all, and the makeup is kept clear and transparent.

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