Tumbler Bear Handmade Tutorial

Tumbler Bear Handmade Tutorial

The bear is so cute. No matter how it is pushed, it will not fall. You can also do one!

Handmade materials: table tennis, plasticine, cardboard.

Tools: scissors, glue, colored pens.

Production Method:
Tumbler Bear Handmade Tutorial
1. Draw a bear on the cardboard with a colored pen, paint it and cut it (see Figure 1).

2. Take half a table tennis ball, according to the size of the spherical surface, cut a round cardboard to cover, and draw a hole in the middle of the cover (see Figure 2).

3. Stick a plasticine in the table tennis and glue the lid to the top (see Figure 3).

4. Finally, insert the bear into the small hole on the cover. In this way, a bear that does not fall is made (see Figure 4).

Gently push the bear with your finger, it will shake it from side to side, and it won't fall.

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