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As a world-famous outdoor brand, Salomon Salomon has extensive experience in manufacturing outdoor cross-country and hiking shoes. It has created a number of patents in more than 10 years, leading people into a new era in outdoor sports. Its design achieves a unique revolutionary new concept and discovers the limits of potential product performance. The Salomon walking shoe that was just launched in 2012 has a high-quality Contagrip sole that gives it shock-absorbing, anti-slip, wear-resistant, breathable, and other features. It is suitable for outdoor long-distance weight-bearing trekking and other sports. The body-dominated, black Salomon walking shoe uses a mesh structure of upper material to provide good breathability for your feet. As such a good and professional hiking shoes, the market price just listed is 598 yuan.

Salomon men's hiking shoes

Contagrip Outsole - The sole of the Salomon walking shoe features an ultra-lightweight, abrasion-resistant sole, which in turn balances the balance between abrasion resistance and slip resistance. Contagrip wear outsole is made of a mixture of more than 20 materials. Each shoe will be adjusted according to the composition of the best combination of different sports venues and functions, so as to enhance the stability of the shoes in the outdoors so that it can be displayed in sports. Outstanding performance. The wear-resistance characteristics of the soles make the shoes very resilient, allowing them to respond to situations in a complex and varied outdoor environment. The new Salomon walking shoe has a new design with a scalloped pattern on the outsole, and this design is inspired by the design concept of the antiskid tire, which increases the contact area between the sole and the ground, thereby enhancing the shoes and the ground. The friction between them plays a very good anti-slip effect in sports. In general, Contagrip offers Salomon walking shoes the most innovative technical soles with the best traction and wear resistance.

Salomon men's hiking shoes outsole

The heel of Salomon hiking shoes

Salomon's special shock-absorbing insole - the new Salomon walking shoe incorporates many new designs, such as Salomon's special insole, which is used on the insole of the shoe. This insole is breathable, sweat-absorbent, odor-resistant, mildew proof, antibacterial, Good cushioning characteristics, as well as being selected after careful selection of construction materials, the insole material is more breathable than environmentally-friendly high-polymer cotton, and it is lighter to use, and it is also washable , More wear-resistant advantages.

Shoe Shoe - The shoelace of the Salomon walking shoe uses the shoe sole under the professional walking shoes. This shoe lasts more feet, more stable and more comfortable to wear than the different shoe lasts. Its maximal toe-up characteristic can be The feet provide a good condition to ensure the comfort of the feet inside the shoe. This kind of shoe lasts a super-in-the-box wrapping performance, which provides a more comfortable fit for the feet, which makes it more comfortable to wear, and then provides more secure protection for the feet, avoiding the feet being exposed to outdoor sports. hurt.

Salomon hiking shoes side

Covering System - A comfortable wrapping system is applied to the shoe's shoe body so that the shoe can be easily wrapped on the feet. The degree of comfort is as comfortable and flexible as wearing gloves. And through the lace system on the shoe upper, it is easy to adjust the tightness inside the shoe, which is easy and easy to make adjustment easy.

Salomon hiking shoes upper

Salomon men's walking shoes details show

In order to enable outdoor sportsmen to have better comfort in wearing, Salomon carefully designed the shoe soles on the new hiking shoes. It not only uses the Contagrip wear-resistant sole to enhance the practicality of the shoes, but also uses them. The newly designed shock-absorbing insole and shoe lasts to improve the shock absorption and comfort of the shoes, so that you can easily enjoy the comfort of your feet outdoors and fully enjoy the beauty of outdoor sports.

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