The new standard for children's furniture is difficult to be questioned by buyers and sellers

The reporter learned from interviews with several children's furniture living museums in Zhengzhou City that the parents who came to buy children's furniture were unfamiliar with the new standards, and most of the clerk were confused. Parents admit that they pay great attention to the safety of children's furniture, but they have no research, and most believe in brand goods. In a children's furniture store in the western district of Zhengzhou, Ms. Wang is choosing a children's bed for her daughter. Besides the style, she said she would smell a pungent smell and see if there are any corners. When the reporter asked her how to identify the furniture material, she said that she did not understand, can only believe in brand goods. “Is there a new standard? What are the specific regulations?” When the reporter asked if he knew the new national standard for children’s furniture, Ms. Wang said she did not know, and hoped that the media could publicize more and supervise the implementation of new standards by manufacturers. .

In the interview, the reporter found that many children's furniture manufacturers expressed their support for the introduction of the new national standard. The doors of several shops (decorated faces and floors are covered with the slogan “The National Standard for Children's Furniture”, but many stores still have the same slogan. There are old products placed. Moreover, when the reporter asked how to deal with these “old furniture”, a shopping guide said: “If there is a customer’s need, we will write on the shopping contract provided by the store that this is the old standard product.” The maintenance and upgrade of the products, the manufacturers are not active. The clerk of a furniture brand said that the old customers will be returned in the near future, and then the products that appear relative to the new national standard will be improved, but the related expenses will be borne by the customers themselves, although most manufacturers promise to follow The warranty guarantees the old products, but as the new products produced in accordance with the new national standard become mainstream, those old products are like “abandoned children”, and it is unlikely that manufacturers will provide free maintenance services according to the new standards.

More worrying than the business slogan is that the reporter found in a number of building materials city that some children's furniture brands have no knowledge of the new national standard. In a children's furniture store, the reporter saw that the products placed on the spot still have angular edges and do not meet the requirements of the new national standard. "Products should not be dangerous. Sharp edges and dangerous sharp tips. The edges and edges should be rounded or Chamfering treatment and other regulations. When the reporter asked the owner why he did not sell the product in accordance with the new national standard, the merchant looked blank and "had not heard of the new national standard. The manufacturer did not inform us." In another furniture brand store, several children's furniture were mixed in adult furniture. The owner said that he had never heard of the new national standard for children's furniture. A similar situation also occurs in multiple brand stores.

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