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[ China Wardrobe ] There are many families who do not consider the indoor pollution caused by harmful gases before renovating their houses. They are thinking about waiting for the renovation after the renovation. The idea is wrong. It takes about three to fifteen years for the harmful gas to be completely discharged indoors. Therefore, the consumer puts forward the indoor environmental quality index before the decoration, and strictly checks the materials and materials to ensure the interior after renovation. surroundings.

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First of all, when buying a house, consumers should not only look at the location, price and size of the house, but also pay attention to the indoor environment of the house, such as ventilation, lighting, sunshine, etc. When it is found that there is odor or doubt about the building materials, it is best to ask Experts conduct tests.

Secondly, it is necessary to select a qualified and regular decoration company, and indicate the indoor environmental requirements when signing the decoration contract. In the decoration, try to use indoor decoration and decoration materials in line with national standards, which is the basis for reducing the harmful gas content in indoor air. When purchasing furniture, you should choose brand-name furniture produced by a formal enterprise. At the same time, you should pay attention to selecting products with less irritating odor. For newly renovated houses and newly purchased furniture, you should use it after a period of vacancy.

Again, pay attention to the use of sealed doors and windows, to open the doors and windows, to maintain indoor air circulation, which is an effective way to eliminate indoor harmful gases. For ammonia, formaldehyde, etc., window ventilation can achieve the same effect.

Third, after purchasing and decorating a new home, don't rush to check in. You should first check the indoor environment testing department, listen to the experts' opinions, and choose the appropriate check-in time.

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