High-quality bag inspection equipment

China's bag inspection equipment mainly includes: bag drop tester , bag zipper fatigue tester, bag walking wear tester, bag pull rod reciprocating fatigue tester, bag vibration impact tester, wheel wear tester , drop hammer test Instrument, drop tester, walking road tester and other testing equipment. The above testing equipment Haida instruments are sold, please contact us: 0769-89280808

Haida instrument sincere service:

Pre-sales: Provide free consultation, professional guidance, tailor-made for the company the most appropriate instrument program. Full understanding of customer needs, production of product features, exclusive design, with the best cost-effective, do not waste every penny, do their best to eliminate late-stage hidden dangers. For the sake of customers, think of everything and do it in front of the customer.

Selling: Fully communicate with customers, report progress; follow installation, commissioning; test machine, with measurement. Do everything you can do.

After-sales: Free warranty for one year, where the product is sold and where the service will follow. Collect customer feedback in a timely manner. Make every effort to exempt customers from worry.

Through this service system, customers can really enjoy comfortable purchases that they feel comfortable buying, setting up, and using with confidence.

Door Hooks:

Over Door Organizer Rack keeps scarves, belts, ties, handbags, jewelry, caps, hats, purses and all other accessories organized and wrinkle-free. No more stuffing your scarves through a small hole leaving them wrinkled and finding your item is a breeze. Our unique accessory hanger has smooth hooks that won`t snag even delicate silk scarves. This spacious accessory holder fits over any standard door in bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Our soft foam padding protects door surfaces. This beautiful accessory holder has an elegant design that looks great anywhere. Our closet organizer rack is made from epoxy-coated commercial quality steel for a lifetime of trouble free use. We offers a complete selection of innovative organizers for your home. We focus on the details and believe that quality matters.

Door Hooks

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