2012 new trend of wardrobe design elements

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] About the design of the wardrobe , fashion and environmental protection is its eternal theme. As an important part of the home, a beautiful and stylish wardrobe can become a beautiful scenery in the home. Let us take a look at the trend factors of this year's wardrobe design!

Plaid carving

On AnnaSui's spring/summer 2011 women's show, the plaid looks simple on the T-stage of the golden wheat field, but it can change all kinds of new ideas in this monotony. The trend is versatile. The sexy hollow, complicated carvings and flowing feathers are the deserved protagonists of Chanel's spring/summer 2011 show. The combination of hollowing out and carving makes the whole show full of glamour and luxury.

Popular decoding: Plaid is a classic pattern that never falls behind in the fashion industry. Naturally, the wardrobe design is indispensable. Different colors can easily create hundreds of styles. Sophia's neat rhombic pattern blends with beige and white, which is elegant and quiet, allowing the bedroom to be filled with rich pastoral style; the retro color combination of Hao Shijia's home makes the original ruled lattice pattern jump, and the waistline of the wardrobe looks like a magnificent court. An abstract painting in the interior, the suede texture makes the retro flavor come to the surface, noble and charming. The plaid pays attention to the "straight" of the lines, and the carving emphasizes the "curve" of the lines, which is smart and elegant. For example, before Sophia's "Rose" series, the three-dimensional rose carving is like the shyness and femininity of Xiaojiabiyu; Komando's "Art Floating Flower" series uses the artistic floating flowers of white jade sand, tea glass, mirror and other materials. The “belt” is integrated with the cabinet to bring a sophisticated and stylish feel.

Glass material

At the turn of spring and summer, the light gauze brings not only cool and comfortable, but also sexy. In this year's Dior show, see-through is undoubtedly a killer. The looming feelings lead to infinite imagination, tempting and versatile. The versatile nature of the fabric can also create more Change the style.

Popular decoding: Tulle is popular in wardrobe design! Transparent texture glass is widely used in the design of sliding door and waist line, which makes the wardrobe full of mystery and temptation. For example, Hao Laike launched a new wardrobe this year. The glass sliding door is simple and clear with simple geometric lines. The translucent texture brings looming effects, and it has a modern sense and adds infinite mystery. And Piano's "love to take" wardrobe, soft pastel tone makes the bedroom full of warm and romantic atmosphere, the waist line uses artistic pattern black glass, making the space lively; especially the unique paint process, such as silky smooth texture The delicate cabinet door is beautiful with the beauty of the glass, all without handle design, it looks extraordinarily refined and refreshing.

Imitation leather

One of the fashion trends of this year's fashion is imitation leather. Hermes has incorporated more than 160 years of harness making history and culture into the design. The cool riding boots, the wand-evolving belt, the tough and handsome hat and the very high-quality gloves are all in the design. Make the whole series with a natural beauty. Among them, animal prints are the favorite of designers. LV's new design this year draws on leopard, zebra, python and other elements, which is very visually impactful.

Popular decoding: the rise of imitation leather door, not only get rid of the single face of wood grain, but also show the wardrobe's "sensitive" to fashion. Sophia's "Caangpi" series transforms the wardrobe into a soft and comfortable texture like a new fashion handbag. This year's leather mullion series, the wavy straight line makes the imitation leather look a bit rough and Tough. Hao Shi’s new home-made wardrobe with “leather coat” is not missed even with the handle, and the soothing of the push-pull creates another kind of tenderness in the bedroom. Among them, the use of animal prints makes the wardrobe begin to "live", it can be warm, elegant, but also wild, unrestrained.

Rhinestone sequins

The sequins and gemstones were originally found only in Haute Couture. They were all hand-stitched and stitched in the old hand workshops. In this year's fashion show of Gucci (GUCCI), this kind of trend has not faded. More and more inlays and embroidery crafts are beginning to appear on the ready-to-wear, shining in a low-key way, showing a luxurious style.

Popular decoding: Today, rhinestones and sequins are no longer patents for clothing, and they can be found in the closet. This year, Le Yijia uses a gradient pattern on the sliding door of the wardrobe. It is set with transparent crystal particles. The large flower pattern is charming and charming. The shiny luster adds a sense of rhythm to the wardrobe. In the dense waistline, Shi Nieman is inlaid with rhinestones. Under the illumination of the lights, it shines with dazzling light. It contrasts with the beige cabinet and presents a luxurious texture in the low-key elegance. The rhinestone sequins go down from the fashion, and become an element inlaid in the door and handle, making the skin, metal and fabric more enchanting, and nowadays it is becoming more and more popular.

Chinese style

At the Louis Vuitton show in Paris Fashion Week this spring and summer, the Chinese Oriental element became the protagonist. The design of the improved cheongsam, sleeveless stables, classical folding fans, and pandas of the panda pattern have made Chinese fashion people shine. The mix of small stand collars, crossbody, and buckles has made the entire show full of Chinese flavor.

Popular decoding: the national is the world, this Chinese style is so strong that the Chinese wardrobe can not have Chinese elements? In the past two years, the Chinese style wardrobe is only sporadic, this year is a wave. Following the Lai Ke's "Antique Carved Rosewood" series and "Mingfeng Qingmu" series, Ishili's "Shuimu Tsinghua" series made of bamboo and Xizhilian's "woven cloth painting" series imitating Chinese painting, after the door design This year, Yadis launched a dignified and elegant Chinese dragon pattern. The circle echoes the four-sided grass pattern in the red print of cinnabar, which is unique and elegant.

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