Quickly solve common problems of offset printing

Here are some solutions to common problems of offset printing:

1. Prevent ink skinning in the ink tank

After the ink is stored for a period of time after opening, a hard ink skin will often form on the surface, and it must be taken out and thrown away when used. Over time, the amount of wasted ink is considerable. We use shrink wrap paper to cover the ink so that it is tightly sealed with the entire ink surface. So that it does not contact the air and cause oxidation and skinning, which causes waste. If the time is short, a more convenient method is to add water to the ink tank. The principle is also the same to prevent the ink from contacting the air and forming a waste.

2. Refueling tips

Printing operators have experienced this. After equipment maintenance, it is often prone to production failures such as sticking and dirtying of printed products due to excessive or improper fueling. Not in place; for this, the sewing machine oil pot can be used to lubricate the braces, pin uranium, oil injection holes, and paper machine parts. This method can ensure that the oil Di: lN position will not be leaked or dripped due to excessive oil. It is a waste product, which is convenient and fuel-efficient. For the parts that are difficult to reach and need to be lubricated on the inside of the wall panel of the printing press or under the machine table, use 8-strand wire or other elongated objects, wrap a sponge on one end and dip a proper amount of lubricating oil, extend into the printing press to reach the parts that are difficult Fill the lubricated area with oil.

3. Tips for printing large fields

Printing workers have this experience: Indica often happens that the ink layer of the printed product is not full enough, different shades, dirty, paper sticky rubber, printed products have white spots, ink skin, paper wool, etc. Seriously affect the quality and duration of printing. In this regard, we generally estimate the total amount of ink used in printed products. Try to add enough in the ink tank at one time. Add appropriate debonding agents and dry oil to the ink to increase the fluidity of the ink, avoiding the viscosity of the ink and the size of the ink. The ink color is different. Before printing, use a clean cotton cloth coated with glycerin to gently wipe the paper wool and paper scraps on the four sides of the paper stack, and then put it on the paper table to prepare for printing. The paper after wiping will not leave impurities and affect the quality of ink on the ground. The printing machine prints at a constant speed of 60% to 70% of the normal speed, which can ensure the normal delivery of ink. The ink color of the printed product is consistent. For the solid part of the printing plate, pinholes and white spots sometimes occur. Just apply an appropriate amount of engine oil to the finger and wipe the pinhole of the printing plate to ensure normal printing.

4. Make use of waste pages to reduce the time for car washing and rubber protection

Before placing a stack of paper on the paper table, put 20 waste pages first, and then put the printing paper formally. When the waste paper is printed and start to give the waste pages, the ink roller of the printing machine is disconnected, and the water roller is still put down. The waste pages are printed. These waste pages can take away the ink left on the plates and erasers. In this way, it is much simpler to clean the eraser. You can wipe the rubber plate without using the solvent to wipe the plate. Increased productivity.

5. Use margins to make records

The offset PS version has blank edges on all sides, you can make full use of these blank parts, and make all relevant job data records. Use a piece of adhesive paper to record the printed job number, date, and ink color. Layout method (forward and reverse printing, self-reprinting, large-reprinting), color sequence, number of prints and other relevant data, and then paste this adhesive paper in the blank space of the printing plate to print. The printing crew can operate according to these records at a glance to avoid errors.

6. Use of blanket

Two sets of blankets are prepared for each machine. During printing, the captain replaces the back and forth according to the ease of work, flat screen version, and text version. For the more demanding products with more graphics and text, use a new rubber stamp to replace the text version Use old rubber, remove the rubber and wash it with a rubber cleaner, then hang it up to improve the service life. A year can save a lot of blankets.

7. Overnight ink treatment on the ink roller

Generally speaking, the offset ink roller should be cleaned if it is stopped for more than 4 hours, otherwise the ink will solidify and the skin will damage the ink transfer and uniformity of the ink roller. When printing live parts, you can put some rubber or ink roller cleaning agent on the lateral surface of the ink transfer roller on the top of the machine, and then start the machine to run for 2 to 3 minutes. Jii page N, the printed ink color is clean and consistent.

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