Product packaging features and functions

Enterprise product packaging has three major functions, namely, great protection for products, unit concentration and convenience. Based on these three characteristics of product packaging, packaging has four functions, that is, protection of products, convenience, no promotion of sales and convenience of consumption.

(i) Protection of products

The protection of the package reflects the purpose of the package, that is, to protect the product from damage and loss. The protection of packaging is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Prevent product damage and deformation. The product packaging must be capable of withstanding various impacts, vibrations, jolts, compressions, frictions, and other external forces during loading, transport, storage, etc., to form a product that protects the interior product and has a certain level of vibration resistance.

2. Prevent chemical changes in the product. Products in the circulation, consumption process susceptible to moisture, mildew, deterioration, rust and chemical changes, affecting the normal use of the product. This requires the packaging to a certain extent to play a role in blocking moisture, moisture, light and harmful gases, to avoid adverse effects of the external environment on the product.

3. Prevent pests from affecting the product. Rats, insects and other harmful organisms are very destructive to the product. This requires the packaging to have the ability to block the intrusion of mold, insects, and mice, and to create a protective effect on the interior products.

4. Prevent foreign matter from mixing, dirt contamination, loss, loss and loss.

(b) Unit assembly

Packaging has the feature of concentrating products in certain units. How large the unit is packaged depends not only on the production status of the company, but also on the needs of logistics and consumption. In general, packaging requirements can be divided and reassembled to meet various shipping conditions and the needs of goods distribution.

(3) Convenience

To provide convenience for product circulation and consumption is a necessary feature for rational packaging. Therefore, the product packaging size, shape, packaging materials, packaging weight, packaging and other factors should create convenient conditions for transport, storage, acceptance, loading and unloading, measurement, sales and other operations, at the same time, the packaging and disassembly operation itself can be simple Fast, easy disassembly of packaging materials.

Reprinted from: China Logistics Bidding Website

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