Talking about the printing of teaching materials again

1 The achievements of enterprises that print textbooks are indelible

For decades, no matter how the situation changes and the difficulties encountered, book printing companies have always regarded the printing of textbooks as a political task, and they have tried every means to overcome, overcome, and complete. Millions of printing employees have used their hard work and sweat to ensure the completion of the "pre-class book, manual copy" request put forward by the Party Central Committee, ensure the smooth implementation of the curriculum reform, and ensure the normal teaching order of the school. Social stability. It can be said that the company has fulfilled its biggest social responsibility.

In the new historical period, the textbook publishing and printing situation has undergone tremendous changes, with diversification, short version, complex process, short cycle, high quality standards, and a declining printing cost. With many difficulties, we are still working tirelessly on the printing of teaching materials. It can be said that the hardship and price paid by printing companies for printing teaching materials is enormous, and their merits are indelible.

2 Textbook printing is still the leading product of books and periodicals printing companies

In the new century, new changes have taken place in the publication and printing of textbooks, mainly due to the surplus printing capacity, the contradiction between more porridge and more monks is becoming more and more prominent, resulting in fierce competition and no better life. Many books and periodicals printing enterprises actively adjust the product structure, seek a new blue ocean of management, and take the road of diversified industrial development to make up for the impact of insufficient teaching materials on the operation of the enterprise. A lot of work has been done to this end, and some results have been achieved. Many companies expand the share of other products on the premise of not giving up or easing the operation of textbooks, so that the share of printed textbooks in the overall task of the enterprise gradually decreases. In particular, the share of teaching materials printed by many key large-scale book printing companies (mainly Xinhua printing plants in provinces, municipalities) in the past decreased from more than 80% in the past to less than 40%. Nevertheless, the printing of textbooks is still one of the leading products of these enterprises and one of the main products of enterprise profitability. Because it is relatively speaking, the batch is large, the efficiency is high, the payment is recovered in time, and basically there is no bad debt. For most books and periodicals printing companies, teaching materials cannot be printed for a long time.

3 The new situation facing textbook printing companies

With the in-depth advancement of education reform in primary and secondary schools, batches of new textbooks for quality education are constantly being introduced, and the textbooks for primary and secondary schools have rapidly evolved from the "unification of the world" by the People's Education Society into a situation where various versions of textbooks are "contested by hundreds of schools." This brings a lot of trouble and inconvenience to the printing work.

The actual production period of the textbooks of most enterprises has been doubled over the past few years. Some varieties are as short as a month, or even half a month. Moreover, the number of additional prints has become commonplace, and those that require additional printing are sometimes as short as ten or eight days. The market mercilessly overwhelmed the time delay caused by the various aspects of the textbook printing to the printing house.

The variety of textbooks increased, while the printing volume of each variety decreased sharply. Some textbooks have only tens of thousands of copies, or even fewer. In some cases, there are only a few thousand copies of the additional printed copies. This situation is still expanding. This increases the difficulty of enterprise production organization.

The diversification of textbooks makes the design and technical requirements of finishing more complicated. Textbooks of the same variety are available in wide-open editions and positive editions; there are color editions and black-and-white editions; the techniques and papers used are also different. Some of the same book uses several varieties of paper and puts forward different process requirements. Some also incorporate paper, magneto-optical, multimedia and other carriers to show the effect of teaching materials.

In addition, the repeated use of textbooks has implemented a free textbook recycling system in rural primary and secondary schools since the Spring Festival in 2008. This is the general trend, and it will inevitably expand from the countryside to the city, from the auxiliary subject textbooks to the main subject textbooks. It not only affects the reduction in the number of printed materials, but also puts forward quality and technical requirements in terms of binding stability, color and ink color permanence, and hygiene. There are new issues in the implementation of green printing. It can be said that the market has become more demanding on the printing of teaching materials. [next]

4 Change from passive coping to active coping

1) Adjust the mentality and innovate thinking

We must objectively understand and treat many issues in the publishing of textbooks. Enterprises must have a normal attitude and be calm. Publishers and students are customers of printing companies. Customers are God, no matter how demanding their requirements, printing companies must try to do it. Thinking determines mentality, and mentality determines action. This is an ever-changing philosophy.

2) Technological innovation to enhance strength

The "five fears" mentioned in Comrade Huang Ge's article, that is, fraction printing, inserts, active graphic layout design, series book printing, and complicated cover decoration technology, etc., have an adverse impact on the smooth production of enterprises. The author believes that this is not a difficult problem that cannot be solved. It is mentioned in the article that the glazing of the teaching material cover has an impact on the book cover. If you use a wireless binding machine (machine) for the book binding and other binding processes, the cover glazing will not have an effect, and the work efficiency and quality will be greatly improved. Another example is the use of more expensive hot-melt adhesives. Due to the stable quality, common quality problems such as page dropping and spine cracking are prevented or eliminated, and the amount may be saved. In general, the cost is slightly increased, even Cost reduction. In short, technological innovation has solved many problems of enterprise production.

Enterprises understand the importance of technological innovation, but suffer from lack of funds. In fact, there are opportunities for financing. As long as you are careful to capture, the funding problem will be solved. Since the third quarter of 2008, the People ’s Bank of China has lowered the deposit and loan interest rate of the RMB several times, lowered the bank ’s reserve ratio, removed the bank ’s loan limit, increased the liquidity of financial institutions ’funds, and eased the difficulty of financing , Also reduced the cost of capital for enterprises. In particular, the SME financing and corporate independent innovation projects are favored and supported by credit, and printing enterprises also benefit from it. In 2009, the implementation of the VAT reform program nationwide, enterprises can deduct VAT when purchasing equipment, which in turn provides support for corporate financing. In all these cases, the financing environment of enterprises has been relaxed. Enterprises can also improve their technological level and enhance their competitive strength through system reform, joint mergers, asset reorganization, and complementary advantages. In short, technological innovation is artificial, and there are more ways than difficulties.

3) Fine management to reduce costs

The external environment for the publication of textbooks and the impact of the upstream industry on the printing of textbooks by printing companies are self-evident, mainly due to the reduction of efficiency and the growth of costs, and the final impact is the reduction of profits. Enterprises can print textbooks under unfavorable environmental conditions, and obtain the desired benefits, the key depends on their own. The external environment leads to the growth of enterprise costs, which can only be digested through refined management. There is no other way but a shortcut.

Enterprises must unswervingly adhere to the policy of diligent and frugal management, starting from a small place, starting from saving one degree of electricity, a drop of water, one or two inks, a blank paper, a plate, a screw, and a penny, like Japan Like Toyota, through refined management, "wast out (wet) the last drop of water in the towel" to reduce various hidden costs, because it is the main culprit that is hardly noticeable and can't be valued and devours corporate profits. Through refined management, enterprises continue to reduce fixed costs and related expenses, and continuously improve resource output rate, work efficiency and production efficiency. It can be said that to the extent that the enterprise has refined management, the production cost can be reduced to an extent, and this association is unlimited.

4) Industry associations should solve problems for printing companies

As the home of printing enterprises, the Printing Enterprise Association deserves to cheer for the justice calls of the enterprises, and to work hard for the enterprises to solve their problems. Shaanxi Provincial Printing Technology Association has twice reflected the actual problems and reasonable requirements of printing enterprises to the relevant departments of the provincial government, which has been paid attention by relevant departments. Since 2005, after the investigation and analysis, the Shanghai Printing Industry Association has communicated with the publishers, and after the first publication of the win-win "Guidelines for Book and Journal Printing Industry", the printing industry associations in Anhui, Ningxia, Jiangxi, and Beijing have gone through The arduous work has also launched the "Guidance Prices for Books and Periodicals Printing Industry" in the urban area of ​​the province, and more provincial and urban printing associations are doing this work to solve problems for enterprises.

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