Manroland commercial rotary equipment for printing fine magazines

High-quality printed products require high-quality printing machines and can be produced economically and flexibly. This is why Toppan Li & Fung Accor Printing Group chose the Manroland ROTOMAN commercial rotary press to print beautiful magazines. The printed magazines include: "Elle" Chinese version, "Vogue" Chinese version, "Ray" Chinese version, "" "HIM" Chinese version, "Fashion Bazaar" Chinese version, "Jiaren" Chinese version, "Mr. Fashion" Chinese version, "Hong Madame Figaro" Chinese version.

The outstanding performance of the Manroland team and the recommendations from Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group Shengyuan Printing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Co., Ltd. convinced the representatives of Toppan Lifeng Accor Printing Group. The two printing companies are also using the Manroland ROTOMAN commercial rotary press for printing.

Compared with other printing presses, the balance point tends to ROTOMAN commercial rotary printing presses

In addition, Toppan Li & Fung's Accor Printing Group compared the performance of two old POLYMAN presses and four-year-old competitors' presses. The final conclusion is that ROTOMAN commercial rotary presses can perfectly fulfill their expectations. And more importantly, the full support from the German headquarters in terms of price, delivery time, and service backup has allowed Manroland to win the contract.

The 16-page printing system for single roll paper includes a roll paper take-up machine, four printing units and a folding device. This ROTOMAN commercial rotary press with a speed of 50,000 copies per hour is scheduled to be put into production at the beginning of next year. Its biggest feature is its high flexibility, including the ability to realize many folding methods. In addition, the printer is also equipped with a PPL (PowerPlateLoading) automatic plate change system and a drying device with a post-burner, which can greatly improve productivity, reduce waste, and save energy.

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