The first domestic "Suspension type observation microbial colony observation device"

"Suspension type dark field microbial colony observation device" is a domestic first patented technology successfully developed by Xunshu. It completely changes the traditional lighting principle and Petri dish observation method, and constitutes high-definition, high-precision observation and image collection of microbial colonies.
In the statistics of microbial colonies, some difficulties are often encountered: the color of the colonies is very close to the medium and cannot be distinguished, the size of some colonies is too small to be observed, and the impurities in the medium are mixed with similar colonies. Exactly. The above phenomena are difficult to achieve accurate discrimination regardless of visual observation or image processing, which is also an important reason why the colony analyzer cannot accurately count the colonies. At present, the general attention at home and abroad is on the improvement of light sources, from ordinary lights, to CCFL cold light sources, from plastic light guide plates to light-emitting diodes, but it turns out that the above effects are not ideal.

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