Features of single-channel pipettes and multi-channel pipettes

Features of single-channel pipettes and multi-channel pipettes

Single channel pipette features:
1 Lightweight and ergonomic design
2 Digital window makes the set range clear at a glance
3 Wide range (0.1μl-5000μl)
4 Use the accessory tool to calibrate and repair conveniently and quickly
The multichannel pipette also has the following innovative features:
1 Nozzle ejector can introduce 8/12 nozzles at the same time, efficient and labor-saving
2 8 / 12-channel pipettes of various ranges are suitable for standard 96-well plates
3 Liquid head can be rotated 360 degrees to facilitate pipetting
4 Each nozzle connecting piece has an independent piston device, making maintenance and repair very easy
5 Special nozzle joint design, easy to observe the sealing status of the nozzle

There are four types of foundation brushes: flat head, flat head, round head, and oblique head. There are also subdivided oblique flat head, oblique round head, irregular brush head, and so on. For beginners, flat brush is the most suitable Foundation Brush.

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