Wardrobe companies should grow worse than emotional cards and cultural cards

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, China's overall wardrobe industry has seen a variety of international brands, the source of the brand includes the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and other developed countries. Domestic brands are also mostly in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places. Guangdong currently brings together more than half of the well-known domestic brands Tianlong Ba Bu. Due to the high market awareness and recognition of these brands, consumers' trust and loyalty are also high, making them the first choice for purchase.

Many regional small and medium-sized enterprises with low visibility and small influence have increased their market awareness and recognition, and gained the trust of consumers. They have posted “foreign labels” or established “gold-plated” offices in Guangdong and Shanghai. Help enterprises attract investment. For the phenomenon that is currently appearing in the overall wardrobe industry, this is related to the idea that consumers think that the quality of foreign products is good. In addition, it also reflects the lack of some well-known regional brands.

Foreign monks are good at chanting?

Like other home products, the overall wardrobe was originally introduced to the domestic market from Europe and the United States. Its biggest advantage is that it saves space, is fashionable and beautiful, and has a strong modern sense. Through clever conceiving and design, the designer divides the interior of the wardrobe into a hanging space and a folding space. The top can also be built into a closed cabinet, placed with bedding and other items.

Some well-known foreign brands have entered China, which has driven the rapid development of the entire industry. In just a few years, the overall wardrobe industry has grown from several brands to several hundred, and at the same time attracted many related industry companies to enter. The wardrobe brands in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong soon occupied a considerable market share.

Affected by the "pre-emptive", consumers can easily assume that the "foreign brands" from the UK, France, Germany and so on are authentic, and the wardrobe brands in Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai are of high quality. As a result, many small and medium-sized enterprises across the country have posted labels on foreign brands or these three major producing areas.

There are people who are telling people about the world, which has led many low-profile and low-impact regional SMEs to stick to the “foreign label” or to build offices in strong industrial areas. The root cause is that consumers often think that “foreign brands” Product quality is better than local goods. In addition, the consumer's “Chongyang Meiwai” is also related to the lack of well-known brands in the local area.

Promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, play "emotional cards", "cultural cards"

Many industry insiders admit that the high-profile brand consumers have high trust and loyalty, and they are more recognized by consumers and have better sales performance. Especially from Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and other places, although the quality of products is not much different from the quality of small and medium-sized enterprises in some small cities, consumers prefer products in these places.

In order to stimulate sales, small and medium-sized enterprises in small cities had to fight “price wars” to win at low prices.

However, local brands in small and medium-sized cities should not blindly fight “price wars”. They should learn to play “emotional cards” and “cultural cards”, fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses, increasing consumers’ sense of identity with products, and raising corporate culture to corporate brands. Connotation.

SMEs should also pay attention to the structural division of consumers and lock in their target consumer groups so that they can be targeted in the market and become bigger and stronger.

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