Maintenance and cultivation of intelligent light incubator

Maintenance and cultivation of intelligent light incubator

1. The shell of the incubator should be reliably grounded.

2. The incubator should be placed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from heat sources and sunlight. Place it steadily to prevent vibration and noise.

3. To ensure the effective heat dissipation of the condenser, the distance between the condenser and the wall should be greater than 100mm. There should be a gap of 50mm on the side of the box and at least 300mm of space on the top of the box.

4. When carrying, repairing and maintaining the incubator, avoid collision, shaking and vibration; the maximum inclination is less than 45 degrees.

5. The instrument does not work suddenly, please check whether the fuse tube (behind the box) is burnt out, and check the power supply.

6. When cooling the incubator, it is not appropriate to make the difference between the temperature in the chamber and the ambient temperature greater than 25 degrees.

Illumination incubator | Isothermal lighting incubator | Smart lighting incubator temperature control table button function

1. Cycle segment number key: click the cycle segment number key to switch to display the current running cycle or segment number, long press the key 2S to enter the cycle setting state, and then long press two seconds to exit.

2. Set query key: Click to enter the query state, you can query the current running segment number, set time, set temperature and set humidity, and then click this key to exit. Long press the key 2S to enter the segment number selection state. After selecting the segment number, click and press the key to enter the parameter setting state of each segment. In the setting state, long press the setting query key 2S to exit the parameter setting state of each segment (When the period is set to 0 and the first period of time is 0, the first program will always run);

3. Decrease key: When setting the parameter, click the key to decrease the set value by one, and long press the key to decrease the set value continuously;

4. Increase key, when setting the parameter, click the key to set value plus one, long press the key to set value will increase continuously;

5. Back (back) button: Under the parameter setting status of each segment, click this button to return to the previous parameter (only parameters in the same segment can be switched). When an alarm buzzer sounds, press this key to mute the sound. In the running stop state, long press the key 4S to make the controller restart from the first stage.

6. Temperature parameter (temperature) key: long press the key 2S to enter the internal parameter state, click this key to set the internal parameters, and then long press 2S to exit.

7. Illumination key: Click this key to have the lighting in the box on.

8. Power button: Click this button to enable the controller to start working or enter the off state.

In each setting state, if no button is pressed within 30 seconds, the program will automatically exit to normal operation.

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