Drinks usher in peak season, buyers pay attention to security

Summer is approaching, and with the increase in demand for beverages, it also creates opportunities for many counterfeiters. Into the supermarket, on the display rack, we can see that there are many beverage bottles, both from the design of color, fonts, beverage bottles are very similar. If you do not look closely, it is really impossible to distinguish between true and false.
A few days ago, many consumers said that they had bought counterfeit and shoddy products, and they couldn't see the difference between them and genuine products in terms of appearance. Only by opening drinking or touching the bottle of drinks would they be discovered. The taste of the beverage is mostly bitter and astringent. This is because there are too many additives and the beverage bottle itself is too soft and not hard enough.
In order to better protect the rights and interests of our consumers, we urge consumers to carefully look at the fonts and designs on the outer packaging of beverage bottles when buying beverages, and whether the bottle feels the same as the ones purchased before, and also pay attention to viewing. Is it with a security mark?
Only when we ourselves have to pay attention to anti-counterfeiting, counterfeiters do not have the opportunity to make use of it.

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