The concept and operation of logarithm ppt (Shanghai Education Edition higher) courseware

The concept and operation of logarithm ppt (Shanghai Education Edition is higher. If China ’s GDP in 2002 was 100 million yuan, if so, how many years has the GDP been doubled in 2002? (1) The base of the logarithm must be Greater than 0 and not equal to 1; (2) The true number of the logarithm must be greater than 0, that is, the negative number and 0 have no logarithm; (3) The value of the logarithm can be any real number, that is, the logarithm value can be positive and negative , Can be zero; (4) The logarithm usually based on 10 is called the common logarithm. For simplicity,)

Marine Plywood

Item: Film Faced Plywood
Size: 1220*2440mm,1250*2500mm or as requested
Thickness: 2.5-25mm
Core: poplar, combi, hardwood
Film: chinese brown, dynea brown, black, red
Glue: MR, WBP, Melamine
Density: 500-630kgs/cbm
Moisture: 6-14%
Thickness tolerance: +/-0.5mm
Modulus of Rupture: â‰¥30Mpa

Modulus of Elasticity: â‰¥6000Mpa

1.High bending strength


2.Strong nail holding


3.Moisture-proof and easy work


4.Tight construction and high strength


5.No ratten or decay


6.Low formaldehyde emission


7.The productions are suitable for the construction of viaduct and tall frame building


8.If put in boiling water for 48 hours,it still glue sticking and still formed


9.If used abide by illustration strictly,it can be reuse more than 50 times


10.Solve the problem of leaking and rough surface during construction process.Particular suiltable for watering concreat.

Marine Plywood

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